Mailander Scholarship Fundraiser Launches Today

May 22, 2019

Dr. Mailander standing in front of rose bushToday marks the launch of a fundraiser to support the Mailander Scholarship, which is given to a deserving freshman in the Department of Biological Engineering each year. It was created in memory of the late Dr. Michael Mailander, and all proceeds from this fundraiser go toward the scholarship. The goal of the fundraiser is $1,500 and donations can be made by clicking here.

Since his passing one year ago, Dr. Michael Mailander’s memory has lived on in a scholarship available to the student body he loved. Dr. Mailander joined LSU in 1985 as an assistant professor in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering department. In 1991, he was promoted to associate professor, specializing in areas that included controls and sensors, fluid power, precision farming, machine design, power hydraulics, and bio-energy. He also taught BE 1250 Intro to Engineering Methods in the fall, a class for entering freshmen, and BE 2350 Experimental Methods for Engineers in the spring.

Dr. Mailander had a special interest in agricultural technologies. He received patents for the automatic control of a combine threshing cylinder and feed conveyor, in addition to one for an automatic ground speed controller.

Through his teaching and work, Dr. Mailander created lasting relationships with his students and colleagues.

Dr. Marybeth Lima, LSU BAE professor, spoke of Dr. Mailander with great respect when asked to recall her colleague. She described him as “very focused on details. He had high standards, and he always wanted to ‘get things right.’” In other words, he was “very much a traditional engineer.”

Dr. Mailander kept the projects he was working on visible to those who entered his office, so much so that it was described as that of a “mad genius room you see on cartoons.”

Dr. Steven Hall, former LSU professor, once described Dr. Mailander as an active professor who encouraged those who needed encouragement and was there for those in need. This is supported through his work with Christ the King Catholic Church on LSU’s campus, where Dr. Mailander would regularly volunteer as communion minister, lector, and catechist for the RCIA program, which initiates adults into the Catholic religion. In addition to his work with CTK, he was an advisor and volunteer for LSU Habitat for Humanity.

For eight consecutive years, the Mailander Scholarship has been awarded to deserving freshmen in the Biological and Agricultural Engineering program who are also part of the Biological Engineering Student Organization (BESO). Through this fundraiser, BESO hopes to raise enough money, not only to award a deserving freshman this year, but also to raise funds for future award winners. Any donation is welcomed and will ensure the memory of Dr. Mailander continues to thrive.


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