Check out the new Gulf of Mexico Research Grant (GOMRI) initiatives being conducted within the department of entomology

Click here to learn about new positions, and opportunities available in the Department of Entomology.


Jeff Davis has joined in a research project with AgBiome LLC in a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to find a biological insect control for use by producers in Africa.  The project goals are to discover beneficial microbes with the ability to control sweetpotato weevils.  Click here for more information.

Daniel Swale recently received funding through the Louisiana Board of Regents regarding his work on Physiological characterization of Kir channels in the insect nervous system.

Learn more about ways we are minimizing the risk of Zika virus in Louisiana (updated August 26, 2016)

Dr. Healy's lab recently received funds to help increase statewide capabilities of testing for insecticide resistance within mosquitoes in Louisiana.

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