A. Wilbert's Sons Internships 

A. Wilbert's Sons, LLC

A. Wilbert’s Sons, LLC is sponsoring multiple research internships in agriculture and natural resources through a partnership with the LSU AgCenter. Undergraduate students interested in topics such as forestry management, wildlife ecology and management, agronomic plant and soil systems, environmental management, and crop production economics are encouraged to apply.

Company Background

In 1848, Anton Wilbert settled in Plaquemine, Louisiana, from Germany and bought land for timber to support his cabinet and coffin trade. Now known as A. Wilbert’s Sons, LLC, the company owns approximately 120,000 acres in Louisiana and Mississippi and manages property ranging from bottomland hardwood timber, plantation pine timber, agricultural row crops, eucalyptus and pasture land to commercial real estate.

Internship Description

High-achieving students have an opportunity to pursue research projects and benefit from mentorship by LSU faculty advisors and A. Wilbert’s Sons personnel.  As part of the application process, candidates are required to identify a faculty advisor and submit a research project proposal aligned with the interests of A. Wilbert’s Sons.  Depending on the nature of the projects and availability of funding, the internships require a minimum one-semester commitment beginning Fall 2018 and may possibly be extended up to a full year.  Interns will receive up to $8,000 in support for supplies, travel expenses associated with their respective internships and salaries based on the number of hours worked at an hourly rate of $11.60. Interns will report to their faculty advisors for projects and work schedules and complete duties as assigned.  Their responsibilities will include mid-term and final reports as well as presentations to A. Wilbert’s Sons' management upon or near the completion of their projects.


Eligible applicants are undergraduates enrolled full-time at LSU with priority given to those with a minimum cumulative LSU GPA of 3.20 or higher who are sophomores, juniors, or seniors majoring in Agricultural Business, Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Plant and Soil Systems or Environmental Management Systems and who meet the LSU AgCenter’s hiring eligibility requirements.  Applicants must have a valid U.S. driver’s license, their own transportation and flexibility to travel to Plaquemine, Louisiana, and other areas in state.

Application Process

Interested students are invited to submit their proposals, applications and resumes to Dr. Michael Salassi, A. Wilbert’s Sons LLC Endowed Professor and Department Head, LSU AgCenter Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness, 101 Martin D. Woodin Hall, by August 31, 2021.  Applications can be submitted by email to: msalassi@agcenter.lsu.edu. Proposals and application materials will be evaluated and ranked by a faculty committee and representatives of A. Wilbert’s Sons. All applicants will be notified of funding decisions by September 15, 2021.  Funding period starts October 1.

Proposal Format

I. Title Page - 1 page
    A. Title
    B. Beginning and ending date
    C. Student Investigator(s) Names and Signature(s)
    D. Faculty Supervisor(s) Name, Department, and Signature(s)
II. Project Description - 3 pages maximum
    A. Introduction
    B. Objectives
    C. Procedures/Methodology
    D. Significance
III. References Cited – 1 page
IV. Proposed Budget (with narrative) - 1 page
V. Previous Support – By each person involved in the proposed project, list previous College of Agriculture undergraduate research grants received in the last five years and attach copies of the final reports from these grants.

For more information, contact

Dr. Michael Salassi
Program Leader for Plant and Animal Sciences
Office of the Vice President for Agriculture
104 J. Norman Efferson Hall