Environmental Management Systems 

What is Environmental Management Systems?

An Environmental Management System is the rules and policies put into practice by a business or government agency involving the protection and conservation of the local environment. Louisiana has abundant natural resources that are a vital part of the state’s prosperity. To protect public and ecological health, Louisiana has developed one of the strongest professional environmental communities in the world. This network provides a unique opportunity to learn from in depth first hand experience.

The environmental management systems curriculum provides students with the knowledge and skills to work as part of this environmental community in areas of specialization such as environmental enforcement, soil conservation, and wetland delineation amongst a variety of others.

Why study Environmental Management Systems at LSU?

Students in the Environmental Management Systems program go beyond the typical classroom setting and are given opportunities to interact with environmental professionals. 

Environmental Management Systems graduates are highly-qualified due to their in-depth experiences with the same concepts and challenges they will encounter in their careers. LSU instructors know that students will vary widely in their interests and career goals and are prepared to meet their evolving needs. 

The flexibility of LSU’s curriculum allows students to prepare for positions in the public or private sectors for work in the office, laboratory, or field.


The Environmental Management Systems curriculum is partitioned into three areas of concentration. Each concentration allows students to hone their expertise in areas of interest through specially designed classes. In their junior and senior years, students interact with accomplished environmental professionals to refine career goals and focus on specific paths within the broad environmental management field.

Students in this concentration will develop the skills and knowledge necessary to advance in a career in environmental management while building a practical understanding of chemistry, environmental biology, and governmental regulation. 

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In this concentration, students will build their understanding of how the state and federal governments support environmental development and increase public knowledge of correct procedures. This concentration also established a great foundation for a graduate degree, law school, or business school.

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Students will learn the science of soil and water conservation and increase their knowledge of government programs. They will also gain experience restoring coastal regions and managing forestry, wildlife, and agricultural land. 

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Career Paths

A degree in environmental management systems offers a wide range of career opportunities you can pursue after graduation. Whether you want to spend your day in the field or in a lab or have your sights set on attending law school or pursuing a graduate degree - environmental management systems provide you with the flexibility to choose your own adventure beyond LSU. 

Some career opportunities include:

Air Quality Control Specialist


Environmental Analyst/Manager

Environmental Consultant/Specialist

Environmental Compliance Manager

Environmental Lawyer (with additional education)

Environmental Project Coordinator

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Public Policy Manager 

Natural Resource and Conservation Agency Representative

Sustainability Manager


Companies Hiring LSU Environmental Management Systems Graduates

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Program Details

Department: School of Plant, Environmental, and Soil Sciences
College: LSU College of Agriculture
Location: LSU, Baton Rouge


Bachelor's of Science

degree plan

B.S. in Environmental Management Systems (4-year plan courses)

undergraduate contact

Dr. Maud Walsh
Professor; Undergraduate and Graduate Advisor


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Henry Hebert
Manager of Recruitment

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