Dean’s Council Testimony

November 09, 2021

Created in 2012, the Dean’s Council is a devoted group of alumni and friends of the College of Agriculture and AgCenter who support the academic priorities and goals of each institution through their annual investments of $1,000 or more to the Dean’s Excellence Fund.

Gifts to the Dean’s Excellence Fund are instrumental in providing the tools necessary to address pressing needs as they arise and enhance the College’s tradition of preparing leaders in agriculture. Private funding is crucial for the College to have the resources to recruit and retain the best and brightest students. 

Dean’s Council membership requires an annual donation of $1,000, which can easily be divided into monthly, quarterly or biannual payments upon request.

Alumni and friends under 40 can become associate members of the Dean’s Council. This membership requires an annual contribution of $500 to the Dean’s Excellence Fund. Associate Dean’s Council members will receive all benefits of full membership.

Member Benefits:

    • Invitations to events hosted by the College, including the annual Dean’s Council dinner and Hall of Honor Ceremony.
    • Recognition on the website and the College’s annual magazine, Advances.
    • Opportunities to connect with College and university leadership.
    • Membership in the College of Agriculture Alumni Association and Friends.
Kathy Fives

Kathy Fives

“ I joined the Dean's Council to offer support in furthering the efforts of the College of Agriculture. I believe every student should benefit from a well-rounded education, and it is my honor to help pave the way for these students to achieve their dreams. It may be a better professor, an extra lab offering or maybe a new state-of-the-art piece of equipment or cutting-edge technology that could make the difference in these students' futures. I donate my time and resources willingly to fund these types of programs. I believe alumni can accomplish so much together through innovative, creative and interactive fundraising. This is what I enjoy most about being a member of this type of group. ”

Brenda Sommers

Brenda Sommers

“ As a “loud and proud LSU Tiger mom,” joining the College of Agriculture Dean’s Council was my way of saying, “Thank you” for the phenomenal experience that my daughter had while at LSU. There was no way in my mind that when Allison came to me in kindergarten to tell me that she was going to LSU that I could have imagined how great this experience would be for her — it fills my heart with pride and joy. Giving to me means another way for me to say, “Thank you” to College of Ag for the amazing journey that we had at LSU. Yes, I do mean “we!” Allison and I both know that the whole LSU journey for her was a true team effort between her as the daughter and student and me as the mother. Yes, I was the major financial supporter, but more than that I was the behind-the-scenes encourager, cheerleader, volunteer, sounding-board … the list goes on and on, but most importantly, I was — and still am — the mom. In today’s world of navigating college, it takes a team effort, and I am so glad that the College of Ag has embraced, welcomed and encouraged this idea! The LSU experience and journey was truly all Allison’s, and she made it the best ever. But for me, as the mom, to be able to share in just a small part of it is something that I will treasure for the rest of my days. Thank you, LSU College of Agriculture! ”