Alumni Spotlight: Nate Watson

October 06, 2021

picture of nate


Bachelor of Science in textiles, apparel design and merchandising, 2019

Current Position

Ready-to-Wear and Accessories Assistant, Vogue


I graduated from Northlake Christian School in Covington, LA and I am from Mandeville, LA. I chose LSU because I grew up with the school's traditions, and it felt like the right choice. I knew that I wanted to be in fashion from a very early age. I can remember sketching dresses all the way back to the fourth grade. I used to check out Vogue Magazine from my high school library. I started interning at Proenza Schouler when I was just a freshman in college and that catapulted me into networking with the industries finest.

Job Responsibilities

My day to day is pretty hectic. I communicate with fashion brands to organize pickups and drop offs for clothing samples. I communicate with stylists (such as Tonne Goodman, Camilla Nickerson, Alex Harrington) about direction of the shoot to ensure appropriate clothing and accessories are called in. I assist on photoshoots with models and celebrities, and once there, I go from dressing them to adjusting their skirt an inch to ensure the perfect photo. My responsibility is to ensure that the stylist has everything they need for their shoot.

Favorite LSU Memory

This one may seem weird, but going to class was my favorite LSU memory. I'll explain: As an apparel design student, I had 14 other people in my concentration, so we became very close! Every Tuesday and Thursday three-hour lab classes were for sewing and constructing our garments, but we also talked and would talk about life outside of the classroom. Each of those girls hold a special place in my life.

What advice do you have for current and prospective LSU Agriculture students?

Get involved on campus. Although campus may seem small from time to time, it is really easy to get lost in the craziness of your academic life. So whether it's getting involved in an organization or making friends in your major specific classes, this helps you become more balanced.

Awards and Honors

Leadership LSU and LSU Ambassadors