Help the LSU College of Agriculture Win the Golden Boot Giving Challenge

November 08, 2022

It is halftime for the Golden Boot Giving Challenge, as of mid-week the LSU College of Agriculture is in the lead with more donors than Arkansas' Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences. This crowdfunding challenge takes place Nov. 5-12, 2022.

Each year, the LSU Tigers and Arkansas Razorbacks fight for the “Golden Boot” on the football field. Mirroring this rivalry, LSU and University of Arkansas are battling to see which college of agriculture has the most supporters.

Here is the twist – the challenge is not based on which college can raise the most money, but which college can gain the most individual donations. This makes the challenge accessible to any supporter of the college of agriculture, including young alums and current students. Each individual donation, whether it’s $5 or $500 counts as one individual donor.

All funds raised from the challenge will go toward each college’s respective student support fund. LSU’s Ag Student Success Fund supports programming and professional development for students in the College of Agriculture.

“In the College of Agriculture, our student support fund gives students the ability to participate in co-curricular activities, that will enhance and elevate their educational experience,” said Matt Lee, interim vice president for agriculture and Dean of the LSU College of Agriculture. “Please join me in donating to the College of Agriculture here at LSU, so we can achieve victory over Arkansas – just like we will on the field on Saturday.”

The college with the most donations (not dollars) by midnight of Saturday, Nov. 12, will be declared winner. Just like on the field, winning at halftime does not guarantee victory – continue to donate to secure LSU’s win.

The LSU Tigers v. Arkansas Razorbacks football game will take place in Fayetteville on Saturday, Nov. 12, kickoff at 11:00 am.

Donation to the LSU College of Agriculture here,