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Mavir Carolina Avellaneda Barbosa
Graduate Student


Major Professor: Dr. Jeff Hoy




2011-to date: PhD. student, Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge-LA.


2002: B.Sc. (Industrial Microbiology), Pontificia Universidad Javeriana- Bogota (Colombia)


Area of Research:


Brown rust, caused by Puccinia melanocephala, is an important disease of sugarcane. Shifts in disease response from resistant to susceptible have been repeatedly observed for sugarcane cultivars; inoculations under controlled conditions will helpful to evaluate as method for cross appraisal of brown rust resistance. The lack of durability in the resistance to brown rust is the most important aspect that could be studied with the objective to improve the understanding of expression and basis for resistance in order to develop resistant varieties with more durable resistance.


Fellowships and Awards:

  • 2013: Graduate Student Travel Award, Louisiana State University and A&M College

  • 2013: Graduate Student Scholarship, Louisiana Agricultural Consultant Association-LACA

  • 2012: Graduate Fellowship ASSCT American Society of Sugar Cane Technologist, American Society of Sugar Cane Technologist

  • 2007: Scholarship recipient of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), for the course: “Tropical Biomass Utilization”. Sep - Dic. 2007.

  • 2002: Scholarship recipient of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), for the course: “Diagnosis and characterization of viral diseases in plants”. Sep-Nov. 2002.

  • 2002: National Phytopathological Award from the Colombian Plant Pathology Association 2002. “Purification of Sugarcane Yellow Leaf luteovirus ScYLV and production of antiserum”.



  • January 2011- to date: Graduate Research Assistant, Dept. of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology, Louisiana State University

  • June 2007- October 2008: Industrial Microbiologist, Colombian Sugarcane Research Center-CENICAÑA, Cali.

  • May 2006- October 2006: Researcher in technical training, Texas Agricultural Experimental Station TAES, Weslaco, TX, USA

  • January 2003-May 2007: Junior researcher, Colombian Sugarcane Research Center-CENICAÑA, Cali

  • July 2001- Ago 2002: Undergraduate research student, Colombian Sugarcane Research Center CENICAÑA, Cali.

  • Jan 2001 – July 2001: Internship student, Colombian Sugarcane Research Center - CENICAÑA, Cali

Publications, posters, oral presentation:


Avellaneda M.C., Bombecini J. and Hoy J. 2013. Variability in Puccinia melanocephala pathogenicity and sugarcane cultivar resistance in Louisiana. Abstracts APS-MSA American Phytopathological Society and Mycology Society of America Joint Meeting. Austin, TX. August  10-14, 2013


Avellaneda M.C., Hoy J.W. and Pontif M.J. 2013. Seedling Inoculation for Cross Appraisal of Brown Rust Resistance. ASSCT American Society of Sugar Cane Technologists Florida and Louisiana Divisions 43 Annual Joint Meeting. Panama City Beach, FL. June 12-14, 2013


Avellaneda M.C., Mirkov E. and Victoria J. 2008. “A transgenic resistance to ratoon stunting and leaf scald diseases of the sugarcane variety CC 85-92,using the 1SD gene. Abstracts ISSC IX Pathology and VI Molecular Biology Workshop. Cali, Colombia . June 23-27, 2008.


Buzón K., Parrado D., Quevedo B., Victoria J. and Avellaneda M.C. 2008. “Isolation, selection and molecular characterization of wild yeasts found in ethanol production at Providencia Sugarmill. Abstracts ISSCT IX Pathology and VI Molecular Biology Workshop. Cali, Colombia. June 23-27, 2008.


Victoria J.I., Avellaneda M.C., Ángel J.C., Guzmán M.L. 2005. “Resistance to Sugarcane Yellow Leaf virus in Colombia”. Proceedings XXV ISSCT Congress International Society of Sugar Cane Technologists. Volume 2. Atagua, Guatemala. 30 january-4 february, 2005.


Avellaneda M.C., Ángel J. C., Victoria J.I. 2003. “Resistance of different varieties of sugarcane to the virus that causes the yellow leaf syndrome”. Abstracts ISSCT Sugarcane Pathology Workshop VII. Louisiana State University. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. May 11-16, 2003.


Avellaneda M.C., Díaz-Granados C., Ángel J. C., Victoria J.I. 2001. “Transmisión del virus del síndrome de la hoja amarilla (Sugarcane Yellow Leaf luteovirus ScYLV) empleando a los áfidos Melanaphis sacchari y Rhopalosiphum maidis como vectores”. Memorias XXII Congreso de la Asociación Colombiana de Fitopatología y Ciencias Afines ASCOLFI. Pg. 48.


Professional and Academic Associations and Involvement:

  • American Phytopathological Society (December 2012 – to date)

    • Tropical Plant Pathology Committee (August 2013 – to date)

    • Host Resistance Committee (August 2013– to date)

    • Graduate Student Committee (August 2013 – to date)

  • American Phytopathological Society, Southern Division (December 2012 – to date)

  • LSU Department of Plant Pathology and Crop Physiology (PPCP) Graduate Student Association

    • Treasurer (Summer 2013 – to date)

    • Fundraising Committee (August 2013 – to date)

  • American Society of Sugarcane Technologist ASSCT (February 2011-to date)

  • International Society of Sugarcane Technologist ISSCT (June 2008-June 2010)



Department of Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology
302 Life Science Building
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803 
(225) 578-1464

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