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Edward C. McGawley

Research Contribution
Activities conducted by personnel in the nematology project address responsibilities in both the basic and applied areas of research. Currently, Yuhong Li is investigating whether or not molecular techniques can be employed to test our hypothesis that distinct pathotypes exist among populations of Rotylenchulus reniformis (Rr). Michael Pontif is in the final stages of his Ph.D. studies on the interaction of Rr with indigenous weed species on cotton and soybean. Joy Bruce-Sumner, a beginning M.S. student, is studying the effects of temperature on egg production by and infectivity of Rr. Ed McGawley has responsibility for oversight of the nematology project and is currently involved in the final stages of development of a new, environmentally responsible, nematicide. Over the years, nematology personnel, in cooperation with other AgCenter scientists, have documented nematode disease complexes of pine, rice, soybean and cotton; have monitored shifts in genera, species and races, distribution, and pathogenicity of all important plant parasitic nematodes; and evaluated the efficacy of all labeled and many experimental nematicides and other management practices used in Louisiana. Graduates of the nematology project currently occupy positions as nematologists in universities in the USA and abroad, and as research scientists in other state and national institutions and private industry.

Committee Assignments (University, Experiment Station and Departmental)
Over the years, Ed McGawley has been a judge in the Louisiana and International Science and Engineering Fairs and at the Science and Humanities Symposium. He has served as a member of the LSU Faculty Policy Committee, the Student Recruitment Committee, and the Dissertation Evaluation Committee and has served as a member of search committees for faculty members and several department heads. Within the Department of Plant Pathology & Crop Physiology, Ed McGawley has been a member or chair of the Promotion and Tenure committee, the Admissions and Standards committee, the Seminar Committee and the Facilities and Services committee.

Professional Organization Committees
Editor, Nematology Newsletter, (Society of Nematologists), 1997-2000
Editor-in-Chief, Nematropica, (Organization of Nematologists of
the Tropical Americas) 2001-2004
Executive boards: Society of Nematologists, Organization of
Nematologists of the Tropical Americas)

Professional Society Memberships
Society of Nematologists
Organization of Nematologists of the Tropical America
European Society of Nematologists
American Phytopathological Society

Conferences and Workshops
Over the years, Ed McGawley has attended and given invited presentations at conferences and workshops around the world. In recent years, he has made presentations on his research in Brazil, Hawaii, the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Portugal, Spain, and China.

William J. Fulbright Fellowship Recipient, 1996-97
NATO/JNICT Scholarship Recipient, 1997
Sigma Xi
Louisiana State University Science Club Outstanding Service Award, 2000, Society of Nematologists

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