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Christopher A. Clark

Publications 2008-2013



Clark, C. A., Ferrin, D. M., Smith, T. P., and Holmes, G. J., eds.  2013.  Compendium of Sweetpotato Diseases, Pests, and Disorders, Second Edition.  APS Press, The American Phytopathological Society, St. Paul, MN.  160 pp.


Book and Proceedings Chapters, Reviews

Clark, C. A., Davis, J. A., Abad, J. A., Cuellar, W., Fuentes, S., Kreuze, J., Gibson, R., Mukasa, S. B., Tugume, A. K., Tairo, F., and Valkonen, J. P. T.  2012.  Sweetpotato viruses: 15 years of progress on understanding and managing complex diseases.  Plant Dis. 96:168-185. doi/pdfplus/10.1094/PDIS-07-11-0550.


Clark, C. A., Holmes, G. J., and Ferrin, D. M.  2009.  Chapter 7, Major fungal and bacterial diseases.  Pages 81-103; In Loebenstein, G., and Thottappilly, G., eds.  The Sweetpotato.  Springer.


Refereed Journal Articles

Wosula, E. N., Davis, J. A., and Clark, C. A.  2013.  Population dynamics of three aphid species (Hemiptera: Aphididae) on four Ipomoea spp. infected or noninfected with sweetpotato potyviruses.  J. Econ. Entomol. 106:1566-1573.


Arancibia, R. A., Main, J. L., and Clark, C. A.  2013.  Sweetpotato tip rot incidence is increased by preharvest applications of ethephon and reduced by curing.  HortTechnology 23:288-293.


Wosula, E. N., Davis, J. A., Clark, C. A., Smith, T. P., Arancibia, R. A., Musser, F. R. and Reed, J. T.  2013.  The role of aphid abundance, species diversity and virus titer in the spread of sweetpotato potyviruses in Louisiana and Mississippi.  Plant Dis. 97:53-61.


LaBonte, D. R., Clark, C. A., Smith, T. P., and Villordon, A. Q.  2012.  ‘Orleans’ sweetpotato.  HortScience 47:1817-1818.


Villordon, A., Clark, C., LaBonte, D., and Firon, N.  2012.  1-Methylcyclopropene Has a variable effect on adventitious root emergence from cuttings of two sweetpotato cultivars.  HortScience 47:1764–1767.


Wosula, E. N., Clark, C. A., and Davis, J. A.  2012.  Effect of host plant, aphid species, and virus infection status on transmission of Sweetpotato feathery mottle virus.  Plant Dis. 96:1331-1336.


Guan, D., Grau, B. L., Clark, C. A., Taylor, C. M., Loria, R., and Pettis, G. S.  2011.  Evidence that thaxtomin C is a pathogenicity determinant of Streptomyces ipomoeae, the causative agent of Streptomyces soil rot disease of sweetpotato. Mol. Plant Microbe Interact. 25:393-401.


La Bonte, D. R., Clark, C. A., Smith, T. P., and Villordon, A. Q.  2011.  ‘Bonita’ sweetpotato.  HortScience 46:948–949.


Miano, D. W.,  Labonte, D. R., and Clark, C. A.  2010.  Irregular distribution of viruses in field-grown sweetpotato cuttings and its significance in propagation by small-holder farmers in Kenya.  E. Afr. Agric. For. J. 77(1):1-9.


Villordon, A., Solis, J., Clark, C., and Labonte, D.  2010.  Development of a prototype Bayesian network model representing the relationship between fresh market yield and some agroclimatic variables known to influence storage root initiation in sweetpotato.  HortScience 45:1167-1177.


Clark, C. A., Smith, T. P., Ferrin, D. M., and Villordon, A. Q.  2010.  Performance of sweetpotato foundation seed after incorporation into commercial operations in Louisiana.  HortTechnology 20:977-982.


Villordon, A., Clark, C., Smith, T., Ferrin, D., and LaBonte, D.  2010.  Combining linear regression and machine learning approaches to identify consensus variables related to optimum sweetpotato transplanting date.  HortScience 45:684–686.


McGregor, C. E., Miano, D. W., LaBonte, D. R., Hoy, M., Clark, C. A., and Rosa, G. J. M.  2009.  Differential gene expression of resistant and susceptible sweetpotato plants after infection with the causal agents of sweet potato virus disease.  J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 134:658–666.


Nandakumar, R., Shahjahan, A. K. M., Yuan, X. L., Dickstein, E. R., Groth, D. E., Clark, C. A., Cartwright, R. D., and Rush, M. C.  2009.  Burkholderia glumae and B. gladioli cause bacterial panicle blight in rice in the southern United States.  Plant Dis. 93:896-905.


Villordon, A., Clark, C., Ferrin, D., and LaBonte, D.  2009.  Using growing degree days, agrometeorological variables, linear regression, and data mining methods to help improve prediction of sweetpotato harvest data in Louisiana.  HortTechnology 19:133-144.


McGregor, C., Miano, D., LaBonte, D., Hoy, M., and Clark, C.  2009.  The effect of the sequence of infection of the causal agents of sweet potato virus disease on symptom severity and individual virus titres in sweet potato cv. Beauregard.  J. Phytopathology 157:514–517.


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