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Everyweek on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine highlights someone at the LSU SVM, whether they are faculty, staff, student, alum, house officer, graduate students or some times even a patient. These features give social media followers a chance to get to know the personalities, acheivements and interesting facts about amazing people that come to the LSU SVM every day.

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December's Features

Abbie Fish

Wednesday's Who's Who is Abigail Fish, PhD student in PBS at the LSU SVM. Abbie is originally from Dickinson, Texas, and completed her BS in 2008 from LSU. When she finishes at the LSU SVM, Abbie wants to pursue a career within the state or federal government working as a Public Health Scientist. Her favorite thing she has learned as a PhD student is advanced laboratory techniques and also knowing she has had the cool experience of working directly with human pathogenic bacteria. One thing most people do not know about Abbie is that she was training to become a paramedic before starting grad school and she has been playing soccer for 27 years now.








Joseph Kamper

Wednesday's Who' sWho is Joseph Kamper, LSU SVM student in the class of 2019. Joseph is from Tempe, Arizona, and completed his undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences from Northern Arizona University. Since Joseph started vet school he has participated in many extracurricular activities, including summer scholars programs, SCAAEP historian and equine-treadmill co-chair, Nestle Purina Student Rep, LSU Student Senator, Surgery Club President and Vice President, National VBMA Compliance Director, LSU VBMA Regional Liaison, Wildlife Club co-chair and is currently the Large Animal ICU student worker. Joseph’s favorite topic he has learned about in vet school has been surgery. When he finishes veterinary school, Joseph wants to practice exclusively in equine medicine and one day become a board-certified surgeon. One thing most people do not know about Joseph is that when he is not studying or participating in one of the various organizations with which he is involved, he enjoys going back home and spending time with his family, including his niece and nephews.


November's Features


Dr. Littlefield

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Martha Littlefield, clinical assistant professor in CBS and alum from the LSU SVM Class of 1982. Dr. Littlefield grew up in Weston, Conn., but graduated from the Silliman Institute in Clinton, La., in 1975 before attending Louisiana Tech for her undergrad. Some of her job responsibilities include coordinating the anatomy lab, teaching histology and neuroscience courses, as well as providing backup services for Acupuncture. She is the Safety Officer for CBS, Courses and Curriculum Committee Chairman and Year I coordinator. Her favorite part about working at the LSU SVM is interacting with students and watching them grow into successful veterinary professionals. Something most people do not know about Dr. Littlefield is that she knits, sews and enjoys embroidering.








Jackie and Gaschen

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Lorrie Gaschen, LSU SVM professor and Associate Dean, and Jackie St. Croix, a second-year student, who were both diagnosed with cancer in 2016. Both received treatment at Mary Bird Perkins - Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center. And both have the same hairstyle. But each of their stories are very different. How did they overcome battling cancer and continuing to go to school and work at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine? Click here to see for yourself. 




Brooke Grasperge

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Brooke Grasperge, LSUSVM alum from the class of 2007. Dr. Brooke Grasperge is originally from Mandeville and is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and Clinical Veterinarian at the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, La. One of her favorite memories as a vet student was working with Dr. Mark Mitchel, hospital director, as a Merck-Merial Summer Scholar. An interesting fact about Dr. Brooke Grasperge is that she met her husband, Dr. Britton Grasperge, her first day of veterinary school as he was her “big sib”. They got married in 2007 and now have two children, Talon and Olivia.

October's Features



Wednesday's Who's Who is Marlana Roundtree, warehouse supervisor at the LSU SVM. Marlana is originally from New Hempstead, Long Island, in New York, and has worked at the LSU SVM for 29 years. Some of her job responsibilities include shipping out packages for the LSU VTH, supervising student workers, organizing packages, insuring packages get to the correct destinations and throwing an awesome #Halloween party each year! Her favorite part about working at the LSU SVM is helping people who are like family to her. Something most people don’t know about Marlana is that she owns her own moving company and enjoys working on her house in her spare time. She also loves dressing up for Halloween, so we all can’t wait to see what she will be next week!





Vet techs

We have two Wednesday's Who's Who today in honor of National Vet Tech Week. Shay Bordelon is a nurse in radiation oncology and is originally from Woodville, Miss. Her job includes treating cancer patients with external beam radiation and chemotherapy. One of her favorite things about working as a vet tech at the LSU VTH is seeing cancer patients turn into cancer survivors. A fun fact about Shay is that she has an adorably cute Dachshund, Habor, who comes with Shay to work almost every day. Our other Who’s Who feature is Rachel Tankersley, small animal internal medicine nurse and recipient of the 2016 VTH Vickie Dickson “Heart of the Hospital” award. Rachel is originally from Venice, La. and says she can’t pick just one favorite thing about working as a vet tech at the LSU VTH because she loves many aspects of her job, including her co-workers, the veterinarians, students, the quality care given to the patients and the ability to learn something new every day. A fun fact about Rachel is that she loves to cut the grass at her home and considers it pure relaxation. These are only two of the many amazing veterinarian technicians here at the LSU VTH.



September's Features


Wednesday's Who's Who is Annabelle, a six-year old great Pyrenees and oncology patient staying at the LSU VTH while she receives radiation therapy. Sadly, Annabelle has a nasal tumor, but that doesn’t get her down. She is a favorite among the faculty, staff and students in the hospital and has been pet by almost everyone in almost every department. How could anyone pass up petting that beautiful white coat? When Annabelle is not receiving treatment for her tumor, she is a therapy dog and visits children’s cancer treatment centers to bring love and her fluffy coat into their lives.











Kohl Brandon

Wednesday's Who's Who is Kohl Brandon, first-year student at the LSU SVM. Kohl is originally from West Monroe, La., and attended Louisiana Tech University in Ruston for his undergraduate degree. He is participating in the three-plus-one program offered by LA Tech, where a student can complete three years of undergraduate studies and complete their BS degree after the first year of veterinary school (LSU offers this too). Although Kohl just started in August, the most important thing he has learned so far is that, if you prioritize well enough, you can still make time for family and friends outside of veterinary schoolwork. He is most looking forward to building life-long friendships with his classmates and professors and receiving quality education and hands-on experience with animals. An interesting fact about Kohl is that once when he was deer hunting, a black bear climbed up the tree he was sitting in, sniffed his boots and then thankfully climbed back down and walked away. 








Dr. Woodward

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Michelle Woodward, assistant professor of Veterinary Dermatology at the LSU SVM. Dr. Woodward is originally from Bloomington, Illinois. She received her DVM from the University of Tennessee in 2009 and her MS from the LSU SVM in 2014. Some of her job responsibilities include seeing clinical cases in the LSU VTH, training fourth-year students and the dermatology resident, as well as conducting research and teaching second and third-year students. What she loves most about working at the LSU SVM is that every day is different and she gets the opportunity to work with many different and wonderful people. One thing most people do not know about Dr. Woodward is that she always reads the end of a book first so that if she doesn’t like the ending, she knows not to start it in the first place.


Dr. Roussel

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Allen Roussel, LSU SVM alum from the class of 1977. Dr. Roussel was raised in Baton Rouge; therefore, attending LSU for his undergraduate and DVM degrees was an easy decision. After finishing veterinary school, Dr. Roussel worked in mixed-animal practice for five years, completed a two-year residency at Purdue University, held a faculty position at Virginia Tech University and has spent the past 32 years as a professor of Large Animal Internal Medicine at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine. He also served as Department Head for Large Animal Clinical Sciences and was the coordinator for the Continuing Education program. What Dr. Roussel loved most about being a student at the LSU SVM was the people. He was a student in the first class; therefore, the current LSU SVM building had not been completed yet. Dr. Roussel says, “The facilities, or the lack thereof, didn't matter to me. It was the people that mattered, and I felt like I was surrounded by great people every day.” One thing most people do not know about Dr. Roussel visits France often and enjoys giving small group tours to tourists.


August's Features

Sarah Ainsworth

Wednesday's Who's Who is Sarah Ainsworth, veterinary student in the Class of 2020. Sarah grew up in the small town of Napoleonville, Louisiana, and attended LSU to study Animal, Dairy and Poultry Science. One of her favorite things she has learned as a vet student was the passive stay in horses (this is how horses can relax and fall asleep while standing), and says she can’t wait to see what all she will learn during her second year in veterinary school. Something most people don’t know about Sarah is that she and her dad, Brain Ainsworth, AVP of Business Development at Campus Federal, run the Louisiana Marathon 5K every year and she has a major soft spot for mini pigs.






Maurice Kirksey

Wednesday's Who's Who is Maurice Kirksey, HR Coordinator in VCS for House Officers, Graduate Students and PAVE/ECFVG students at the LSU SVM. Because Maurice’s family was in the military, he says he does not really have a hometown but has been living in Louisiana since 2009. As HR Coordinator, some of his job responsibilities include serving as the student employment partner, liaison for LSU International Services, assisting in the arrival and departure process of the international students/employees and the LSU Graduate School contact for course offerings and registrations. His favorite part about working at the LSU SVM is being surrounded by “so many people who have dedicated their lives to constant education in the pursuit of improving the lives of others and animals!” One thing most people do not know about Maurice is that he is a member of one of the “Divine Nine” fraternities, Phi Beta Sigma, which he believes has taught him so much about how to serve others, and says that was perfect experience for the work he does at the LSU SVM.

July's Features

Dr. David Cradic

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. David Cradic, Small Animal Surgery resident and LSU SVM alum from the class of 2014. Dr. Cradic is originally from New Orleans. He graduated from Jesuit High in 2004 and received his BS in Animal Science from LSU in 2009. As a resident, some of Dr. Cradic’s responsibilities include seeing soft tissue, orthopedic and neurological cases in the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital, as well as teaching students about these cases and conducting research. After he finishes his residency at the LSU SVM, Dr. Cradic plans to practice companion animal surgery in Southern Louisiana so he can be closer to his family and fiancé. His favorite part about working at the LSU SVM is “without a doubt, the people.” Some things most people do not know about Dr. Cradic is that he was a rugby hooker for seven years; he brews his own beer and loves to garden. 





McConnico and family

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Rebecca McConnico, professor of Equine Internal Medicine at the LSU SVM. Dr. McConnico is originally from Ashland, Ohio. She graduated with a BS from the University of Arkansas and received her DVM in 1987 from the LSU SVM. Some of her job responsibilities include teaching students about equine medicine, including topics such as diagnosis and management of septic foals, infectious disease in adult horses and general wellness and nutrition, as well as providing acupuncture services for large animals and directing the LSU SVM disaster response and training program. Her favorite part about working at the LSU SVM is having the ability to work alongside other professionals with a common goal of teaching vet students and graduate students. Something most people do not know about Dr. McConnico is that this year she was selected to be on the Fulbright Specialist Roster, which allows her to collaborate on global short-term projects focused on education and training. 


Chip Price

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Hugh “Chip” Price, alumnus from the LSU SVM class of 1980. Dr. Price has many titles, including director for Animal Resources, tenured professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology and tenured professor of Emergency Medicine at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center (LSUHSC) in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is also a veterinary consultant and serves as relief veterinarian for Chimp Haven, a National Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Keithville, La. Dr. Price was born in Shreveport but grew up in Lake Charles, and has lived in Baton Rouge; Dallas, Texas; Yokosuka, Japan; and Columbia, Mo. One of Dr. Price’s favorite memories from being a vet student was when everyone finally got to move into the “new” veterinary medicine building (the current LSU SVM), because the first two years of vet school had been held on main campus while the new building was being completed. One of the many interesting facts about Dr. Price is that he is a retired Lieutenant Colonel for the U.S. Army Reserve.






Kristen Armstrong


Wednesday's Who's Who is Kristen Armstrong, fourth-year student (2018). Kristen is from Baton Rouge and completed her undergraduate degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. After graduation, Kristen plans to join her dad’s small animal practice and work there “until he fires me” Kristen says jokingly, (we think). Her favorite part about being a vet student has been interacting will all different types of animals of all shapes and sizes, even though the bigger ones scare her. One thing most people do not know about Kristen is that she played volleyball in college and loves to go for runs around the LSU Lakes with her dog, Nellie. 




June's Features  

Thaya S.

Wednesday's Who's Who is Thaya Stoufflet, research associate in the GeneLab in Pathobiological Sciences (PBS). Thaya is originally from Houma, Louisiana. Part of her job responsibilities include DNA sequencing, ordering inventory, managing supply center, invoicing and accounting and connected collaborators with each other. Her favorite part about working at the #LSUSVM are all the great people she gets to work with. Something most people do not know about Thaya is that she is a die-hard #TeamNegan fan from the popular show The Walking Dead.





Stephanie Willis

Wednesday's Who's Who is Stephanie Willis, coordinator for the Office of Veterinary Education and Student Affairs. Stephanie is originally from Memphis and some of her job responsibilities include planning and organizing various events for the LSU SVM, such as the coating ceremonies, Commencement and Honors and Awards, as well as managing course evaluations and helping students and faculty with various projects or needs. Stephanie says her favorite part about her job is interacting and helping students on a daily basis and also the amazing people she gets to work with. One thing most people do not know about Stephanie is that her hobbies include cooking and yoga even though she doesn’t get to do them as often with a 1 ½ year old running around.





Thomas Rooney



Wednesday's Who's Who is Thomas Rooney, the new Strategic Communications Director for the LSU SVM. Some of Thomas’ job responsibilities will be creating strategic communications and marketing plans for the school, hospital and LADDL. Thomas is originally from Bellevue, Nebraska, but lived in Mobile, Alabama before moving to Baton Rouge in May. Thomas received a BA in Journalism from the University of Nebraska in 1991. Before coming to the LSU SVM, Thomas worked for Gayfers/Maison Blanche Stores, the Mobile Press-Register and Alabama Media Group and also owns True Creative Media in Alabama. He has been married to his wife, Kimberly, for 23 years and has a son, Jack, who will be a freshman at the LSU this fall. Now that Thomas lives in Louisiana, he says the best part is meeting the people and experiencing the culture, which he was already familiar with since his wife is a New Orleans native. One thing most people do not know about Thomas is that he got his first job when he was eight years old delivering the Omaha World Herald newspaper for seven days a week and hasn’t stopped working since.



Nicolas Garcia-Abarca

Wednesday's Who's Who is Nicolas Garcia-Abarca, second-year student and 2017 Summer Scholar at the LSU SVM. Nicolas is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, and completed his undergraduate in business administration and biology from Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia. Nicolas’ summer scholars project is entitled “Effects of altered weight bearing on digital venous perfusion in horses,” and his mentor is Dr. Britta Leise, assistant professor in VCS. One of his favorite things he has learned in vet school so far is about the reciprocal apparatus in the equine hind limb. Upon graduation, Nicolas wants to work at an equine medicine practice. Something most of Nicolas’ friends know about him is that he is very adventurous and loves to travel, ride horses, hike, camp and fish (pretty much anything outdoorsy).


May's Features


Julie Thomas

Wednesday's Who's Who is Julie Thomas, public relations coordinator for the LSU SVM. Julie is from Haughton, which is a small town in north Louisiana. Some of Julie’s job responsibilities include writing press releases about vet school news, posting on the school’s social media pages, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, sending News and Notes, taking photographs and designing graphics, among other things. Her favorite part about working at the vet school is learning something new every day about veterinary medicine and research, as well as all the great people she works around. Something most people do not know about Julie is that in her spare time she does the publicity for two dogs that previously played on Game of Thrones, and she is also the person who’s behind Wednesday’s Who’s Who each week.






Dr. Wurlod

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Virginie Wurlod, assistant professor in Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care. Dr. Wurlod is originally from the French part of Switzerland and attended vet school at the University of Bern in Switzerland. Dr. Wurlod is a Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care and in the European College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. Before coming to the LSU SVM Dr. Wurlod worked in a private hospital in the United Kingdom. Some of her job responsibilities include supervising the Emergency and Critical Care service, consulting with other services and teaching students. Her favorite part about working at the LSU SVM has been the great people she works around, and she also loves the teaching aspect. Something most people do not know about her in that she did 10 years of classical ballet training before attending veterinary school and clearly she is a huge Harry Potter fan. 






Dr. Faludi

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Alex Faludi, clinical surgical fellow in Companion Animal Medicine. Dr. Faludi is originally from Fairfax County in Virginia. Dr. Faludi received his BS from George Mason University in 2008, his MPH in 2009 and his DVM in 2014, both from St. George University. As a surgery fellow, some of Dr. Faludi’s job responsibilities include managing soft tissue and orthopedic cases in the hospital, conducting research and mentoring third- and fourth-year students in surgery, which he says is his favorite part of the job. Once he has finished his fellowship at the LSU SVM, Dr. Faludi plans to continue his career in companion animal surgery. One thing most people do not know about Dr. Faludi is that he loves music and has collected over 1,200 records.









Wednesday's Who's Who is Caleb and Camille Killian, fourth-year veterinary students that are married. Caleb and Camille are both from Shreveport and both received BS degrees from Louisiana Tech University. Some of Caleb’s favorite subjects he learned about in vet school are surgery, diagnostic ultrasound and business management, while Camille’s favorite subjects have been diagnostic imaging, integrative medicine and animal behavior. Caleb and Camille met in the 6th grade but didn’t become friends until senior year of high school. They started dating their first year in college and got married August 1, 2015, which was the summer before 3rd year of vet school. When they graduate next week they plan to move back to Shreveport and work at two different small animal clinics. Something most people do not know about Camille is that she can sing and could have pursued a professional career, but choose vet school instead. A fun fact about Caleb is that he is a skilled puppeteer. 


April's Features



Wednesday's Who's Who is Jamaul Jackson, computer analyst for the LSU SVM. Jamaul is a native of Baton Rouge. Some of his job responsibilities include assisting faculty, staff and students with computer and IT problems, this includes installing equipment, troubleshooting, working with hardware and more. What he likes best about working at the LSU SVM are all the great people he gets to meet that are from other departments and have different life experiences. One thing most people do not know about Jamaul is that he has been playing the drums for 14 years.




Carter Ward


Wednesday's Who's Who is Carter Ward, fourth-year/almost graduated student and recent Phi Zeta National Honor Society inductee. Carter is originally from Alexandria, La., and received his BS from LSU in 2014. He says what he has most enjoyed learning about in vet school has been the vast variety of surgical procedures that veterinarians can perform. When Carter graduates in May, he plans to work at Baton Rouge Veterinary Specialists as an intern. A favorite hobby of Carter’s is tailgating during football season and he says, “There is nothing better than Saturday night in Death Valley with 102,321 of your closest friends. Geaux Tigers!” 







March's Features


Dr. Osborn

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Michelle Osborn, assistant professor in the department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS). Dr. Osborn was born in New Orleans but grew up in Las Vegas. She received her MA in 2008 and PhD in 2013, both from LSU. Some of her job responsibilities include teaching first-year anatomy courses, conducting research and training research students in anatomical sciences. Her favorite part about working at the LSU SVM is that there are so many experts in a variety of fields and how easy it is to find someone to collaborate with on teaching or research. Some things most people do not know about Dr. Osborn is that she sings, plays the violin and has recently taken up traditional archery.





Dr. Pucheu

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Cherie Pucheu-Haston, associate professor of Veterinary Dermatology. Dr. Pucheu is originally from New Orleans, La. She received her DVM from the LSU SVM in 1992 and finished her PhD at North Caroline State University in 2006. Some of Dr. Pucheu’s job responsibilities include seeing patients while working on clinics, teaching first, second, third and fourth-year students and conducting research. Her favorite part about working at the LSU SVM are the people she works alongside, including students, staff members, veterinary technicians and faculty. Dr. Pucheu says she has always wanted to become a veterinarian because of her strong connection and empathy towards animals. Some things most people do not know about Dr. Pucheu is that she rides horses, and her favorite band is a German metal band called Rammstein. 








Dr. Cremer

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Jeannette Cremer, assistant professor of anesthesiology. Dr. Cremer is originally from Ulm in Germany, and completed her DVM and Dr.med.vet. both at Ludwig Maximilians University in Germany. Before coming to the LSU SVM, Dr. Cremer was the Senior Clinical Anesthesiologist at the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket, England. Some of Dr. Cremer’s job responsibilities include teaching anesthesia to second- and third-year students, working with the fourth-year students in the hospital and conducting research. Dr. Cremer says her favorite thing about working at the LSU SVM is the amazing team of anesthesiologists she works alongside. One thing most people do not know about Dr. Cremer is that she has a Black Belt in Tae-Kwon-Do.



February's Features 

Brandon Day

Wednesday's Who's Who is Brandon Day, DVM student in the class of 2018, former president for the VOICE Club and Diversity Club member. Brandon is originally from New Orleans, and has earned a BS from LSU, as well as an associate degree in veterinary technology from Delgado Community College. Brandon says that his favorite things he has learned in vet school so far is the concept of keeping an open mind to new situations, being a sponge to information and the importance of stepping outside your comfort zone. When Brandon graduates next year, he wants to either work in small animal medicine or exotic medicine. Something most people don’t know about Brandon is that he is a huge Saints fan and was able to attend the Super Bowl XLIV in 2009 when the Saints beat the Indianapolis Colts.





LaToya Bush

Our Wednesday's Who's Who is LaToya Bush, who works in our LSU SVM cafeteria. LaToya has been our cashier for 4 years but is much more than that. She always has a friendly greeting and a smile for her "babies" at the vet school. Her favorite thing about her job is, "All my babies. They really make my day. It's like we're one happy family." So get yourself a smile with your coffee.



Dr. Nevarez

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Javier Nevarez, associate professor of zoological medicine and LSU SVM alum from the DVM class of 2001, and PhD class of 2007. Dr. Nevarez is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico, but received his BS, DVM and PhD, all from LSU. Some of his job responsibilities include teaching, conducting research and seeing patients while on clinical duty, as well as working with the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on various reptile programs, such as the Louisiana Alligator Industry, alligator snapping turtles, Louisiana pine snakes and gopher tortoises. Dr. Nevarez’s favorite thing about working at the #LSUSVM is how supportive the working environment is, and says he is very fortunate to have had such great mentors, such as Dr. Tom Tully and Dr. Mark Mitchell. One thing not many people know about Dr. Nevarez is that he used to participate in competitive sailing and would like to get back into it once he retires.






January's Features 

Ashley Long

Wednesday's Who's Who is Ashley Long, veterinary student in the class of 2018 and Open House committee member. Ashley is originally from Harrison, Arkansas, and completed her BS at the University of Central Arkansas. One thing Ashley loves about being a student at the LSU SVM and on the Open House committee is how interactive she can be with the community. “I love being able to reach out to the community and show off what the school does, while also inspiring the younger generation toward a career in Veterinary Medicine,” says Ashley. “The outreach of Open House and watching the eyes light up of those who walk through the doors has truly been my favorite experience.” The 2017 LSU SVM Open House is on Saturday, January 28, and is free to the public.









Nick P.


Wednesday's Who's Who is Nikolaos Pagiazitis, fourth-year student from St. George University. Nick is originally from Long Island, New York, and completed his undergrad at Long Island University. He decided to come to LSU for his fourth-year clinics because of the great reputation the faculty and hospital have. Nick’s favorite thing about being a visiting student at the LSU SVM is working with the other fourth-year students, who Nick says have been nothing but welcoming and helpful. Something most people don’t know about Nick is that, sadly, he has never seen Disney’s “The Lion King.”








Dr. Singleton

Wednesday's Who's Who is Dr. Brad Singleton, LSU SVM alum from the class of 2007. In October, Dr. Singleton was named to the LSU 100 list, which is a list of the fastest growing business owned by alumni. Dr. Singleton is originally from Lake Charles, La., but now lives in Austin, Texas, where he owns three small animal veterinary hospitals. His favorite part about being a student at the LSU SVM was the friendships he made. Something most people don’t know about Dr. Singleton is that he taught himself how to juggle and even performed as a juggling clown once.