Wellbeing Committee


Ashley Finney, DVM Class of 2022


Ashley Finney


Lorrie Gaschen, Adjunct Professor of Diagnostic Imaging

Lorrie Gaschen


Stephanie Johnson, LCSW, Assistant Professor and Counselor

Stephanie Johnson

Rennie Mira, DVM Class of 2023


Rennie Mira

Tammy Moreau, Medical Oncology Clinical Specialist

Tammy Moreau


Gretchen Morgan, Director of Alumni and Donor Relations

Gretchen Morgan



Michael Ogundele, Assistant Professor of Comparative Biomedical Sciences

Michael Ogundele

Lindy O’Neal, DVM (LSU SVM 2010)


Lindy Medlock

Donnie Watkins, Coordinator for Diversity, Student, and Faculty Affair

Donnie Watkins