Diagnostic Imaging

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital is equipped to provide its patients with clinical diagnostic imaging. On-site diagnostic imaging includes Large and Small Animal radiography, digital fluoroscopy, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography and nuclear scintigraphy. 

The Hitachi Echelon 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Unit at LSU School of Veterinary Medicine makes possible in-house examinations for both large and small animals. Neuroimaging is one of the most common reasons for the MRI examination in small animals and is the diagnostic method of choice for brain and spinal cord diseases. MRI is most commonly used to examine the limbs of our equine patients for diseases of the bone, tendon, ligaments and joints. This technology has been available since April 2009.

Teleradiology Service

Veterinarians with digital imaging can now send their images effortlessly to the LSU SVM Diagnostic Imaging Section and have their images looked at the same day by our radiologists through our teleradiology website

If you would like to be configured for this service, just call or email

Phone 1-866-669-8090


Configuration is free. Referral image report fees are $55/region for radiographic images, $92 for CT/MRI and $88 for ultrasound images.