In Case of Emergencies 

Cats, dogs and exotic pets


Horses and farm animals


Hours of Operation

We are open at all times for emergency service. Holidays, evenings, weekends, 24/7, we are fully staffed with veterinarians, technical staff, and students to handle critical animal care needs. Surgeons are on-call at all times as are specialists for emergency cases. We encourage you to call ahead for emergencies, especially in times of severe weather. 

LSU Sporting Events

The Veterinary Teaching Hospital remains open during LSU sporting events. If you need to bring your pet to the hospital on a home football game day, we advise you to take River Road to Skip Bertman Drive. We reserve spots in our parking lot for our clients and tow those people who park there who are not bringing an animal to the hospital. If there is a police officer at the corner of River Road and Skip Bertman Drive, tell him that you're taking an animal to the hospital, and he or she will let you through. Call 225-578-9600 if you are not allowed access.