Adriano Vatta Named Associate Professor of Parasitology

Adriano Vatta


Adriano Vatta is a veterinary parasitologist with 22 years of experience in research and development and proficiency in pharmaceutical industry clinical development, veterinary student teaching, applied field research, and veterinary parasitology diagnostics. He was named associate professor of parasitology in Pathobiological Sciences in December.

From October 2012 to November 2020, he was a clinical study manager, Antiparasitics, Global Therapeutics Research, Zoetis Inc. (formerly Pfizer Animal Health) developing new and improved pharmaceuticals and bringing them to market, leading clinical development teams, and overseeing laboratory and field-based research.

He has extensive experience working in a developing world context with goat and sheep farmers in South Africa, with a focus on improving the wellbeing of communities through improving the health of their livestock. He has the ability to translate and adapt research results for the benefit of goat and sheep producers in both Africa and North America.

Dr. Vatta grew up in South Africa, where there are two systems of farming: large commercial farming and subsistence farming. Subsistence farmers are forced into marginal land and animals are not as healthy or productive as they might be.

“Goats are full of parasites. I wanted to remedy that problem. That’s how I got into parasitology. I want to provide education and simple remedies,” said Dr. Vatta, a founding member of the American Consortium for Small Ruminant Parasite Control and secretary/treasurer of the American Association of Veterinary Parasitologists.

At the LSU SVM, his focus will be on teaching, research, and diagnostics. He plans to continue research on sheep, with an emphasis on gaining a better understanding of how to mitigate resistance to drugs.

He and his wife, Ruey Stocking, DVM, a Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine graduate who did her clinical year at the LSU SVM from 1996-97, own a house and the Red Barn Cat Clinic on 16 acres in Richland, Michigan.