LSU School of Veterinary Medicine on the cover of the Anatomical Sciences Education journal

SVM on the cover


For the July/August 2016 cover of the Anatomical Sciences Education journal, the LSU SVM anatomy lab will be featured. The magazine will feature a paper written by Margaret McNulty, PhD, assistant professor in the department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences (CBS), about the positive influence the LSU SVM Anatomy Pre-course has on student learning within the professional anatomy curriculum. This paper uses the data from the inaugural pre-course that was held in 2014 with the student in the class of 2018. The third annual pre-course is set to start August 1 for the incoming 2020 students.


The caption for the cover reads, "At Louisiana State University's School of Veterinary Medicine, incoming veterinary students are offered the opportunity to learn canine musculoskeletal anatomy during an anatomy pre-course prior to starting the professional veterinary curriculum. In this issue of ASE, Dr. Margaret A. McNulty and her colleagues provide a description of the format and the positive impact of this one-week pre-course on student performance within the professional anatomy courses. This pre-course prepares students for the rigors of anatomy courses within the professional curriculum and familiarizes them with the gross animal anatomy laboratory. Photography by Ginger Guttner." 


To read Dr. McNulty's paper, click here.