2016 Pathobiological Sciences Graduate Student Research Symposium Winners

PBS Winners

The department of Pathobiological Sciences (PBS) at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine hosted the 12th annual Graduate Student Research Symposium on May 11, 2016. This symposium showcased the excellent and diverse graduate-level research work done within the departments and included oral presentations from all the students in PBS, which were judged by faculty members. Presentation winners received an award certificate from the departments and gift certificates provided by Breck’s Bistro, CC’s Coffee House and the Co-Op Bookstore.

The 2016 winners include:

First place in Basic Research: Nagarjuna R Cheemarla, India, with his presentation: “Regulatory Role of Neutrophils in the Inflammatory Responses to Paramyxovirus Infection in Mice”

Second place in Basic Research: Farhana Musarrat, Bangledesh, with her presentation: “Deletion of the Aminoterminal 38 Amino Acids of HSV Glycoprotein K (gK) alters binding of Glycoprotein B (gB) to AKT, AKT phosphorylation and intracellular calcium signaling”

First place in Clinical Research Nicholas A. Crossland, Overland Park, Kansas, with his presentation: “Aberrant Cerebral Migration of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in an Indian Flying Fox (Pteropus gigantescus)”