LSU Veterinary School gets new nutrition center thanks to generous donation from Purina

BATON ROUGE--Thanks to a generous donation from Purina, the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine recently renovated the food preparation room in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital. “The Purina Nutrition Center allows the hospital to have multiple types of foods available for our patients, gives the students access to all types/brands of both prescription and maintenance foods with which to become familiar, and also allows us to help transition patients to a new food by sending home samples,” said Nancy Welborn, DVM (LSU SVM 1990), assistant professor of community practice. “We also are planning to upload nutrition modules in the kitchen’s computer for student access.  We can also offer weight loss plans to patients.”


The Purina Nutrition Center contains food for exotic pets, dogs and cats. Appliances, including a refrigerator, dishwashers, microwaves and blenders are also available for use. Dry food is stored in clear plastic dispensers, and canned food is stored in racks. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to find. Other food products available for use include baby food, chicken and treats.


“As a veterinarian for Purina, I have the honor of helping improve the clinical nutrition education of veterinary students,” said Lauren Pagliughi, DVM, veterinary communications manager for Nestlé Purina PetCare. “From biannual lunch lectures on a variety of clinical topics such as obesity and canine cognitive dysfunction, to awarding Purina grants to support various wet labs and guest speakers for veterinary clubs, Purina is able to positively impact the education and experiences of future veterinarians. Of particular importance is the presence of our Purina Nutrition Centers at more than a one-third of the U.S. veterinary schools. These state-of-the-art nutrition centers allow students to have exposure to a variety of veterinary therapeutic and maintenance diets. These centers allow the students, staff and faculty to get first-hand experience with optimal nutrition choices for their canine and feline patients. Each school adorned with a Purina Nutrition Center has created a committee that worked directly with a Purina hired architect to design the space to their particular specifications. Each nutrition center is custom designed to fit the space and needs of the university. We don’t ask for exclusivity in the Purina Nutrition Center, only that we are equally represented among the other pet food companies. Again, this allows students to gain a broad exposure of different brands so that they are better prepared upon graduation. At Purina, we believe that nutrition education and expertise is of utmost importance for today’s veterinarians.”


“The LSU SVM values its corporate partners like Purina,” said Joel Baines, VMD, PhD, dean. “Partnerships like this one have a direct, positive impact on our faculty, staff, students and patients, and we are grateful to Purina for their generosity and their commitment to veterinary education.”