LSU Veterinary School welcomes new hospital director

Mark Mitchell



BATON ROUGE, LA – Mark Mitchell, DVM, MS, PhD (LSU SVM 2011), DECZM, is the new hospital director for the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH). Dr. Mitchell’s responsibilities include ensuring the hospital operates at the utmost level of professionalism and that the hospital provides cutting-edge medical and surgical care for all patients; he also oversees faculty, staff, house officers (residents and interns) and students in the hospital while maintaining relationships with other departments, among many other responsibilities. Dr. Mitchell’s first day was June 1.


Dr. Mitchell received his DVM in 1992 and his MS in 1997, both from the University of Illinois; he received his PhD from the LSU SVM in 2001. From 1996-2007, Dr. Mitchell served as assistant professor in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS) and as a zoological medicine specialist in the VTH. He then returned to his veterinary alma mater—the University of Illinois—and worked as a professor in zoological medicine until his return to LSU.


“I see my job as a servant leader with the responsibility of facilitating for the faculty, staff, house officers, students, referring DVMs and clients. I want to be sure that all of our stakeholders feel that they have an ownership in the processes we have at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital,” said Dr. Mitchell. “The LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital is a very unique facility, and we want to be sure that we create an environment that allows our faculty, house officers, and students to work in this ‘living laboratory’ to develop new teaching methods to help our students become confident clinician scientists, pursue research and develop new evidence-based medical and surgical knowledge to share with our profession, and provide innovative medical and surgical care to all creatures great and small.”


As the new hospital director, Dr. Mitchell’s short- and long-term goals include instituting a new electronic medical records system, completing construction for a new Companion Animal Clinic, hiring more faculty and staff, as well as developing a master plan to grow the hospital to meet the needs of many different stakeholders.


Dr. Mitchell’s clinical interests include infectious diseases in wildlife medicine, assisted reproduction with reptiles and nutritional studies for reptiles. He recently aided his colleagues on studies focusing on foal atelectasis, feline lactate concentrations in diseased animals and drug pharmacokinetics in dogs.


“It has been amazing to return to LSU!” said Dr. Mitchell. “After returning and feeling an amazing level of support from my colleagues—many of whom were here when I left, as well as those that I have only just met—my decision to return has been reinforced. I feel as if I have returned home.”


Although Dr. Mitchell’s primary job responsibility is serving as the Hospital Director, he will also see patients in the Wildlife Hospital every Friday.


“I am very excited about this opportunity, because for the past 20 years one of my great joys has been spending time in the clinics training veterinary students and house officers. Being in the clinics also allows me to work directly with so many different species of animals, our clients, and our referring DVMs,” said Dr. Mitchell. “Being in the clinics will also give me first-hand experience working with our medical records system and evaluating the processes we use in the hospital. This will help me gain a better understanding of the inner-workings of the VTH and how we can work as a team to improve our processes.”


“The Veterinary Teaching hospital is critical for the school’s missions in improving animal care and educating veterinarians at both the primary care and specialty care levels,” said Joel Baines, VMD, PhD, dean of the LSU SVM. “Dr. Mitchell is thoughtful and proactive and has already proven to be a strong positive force for change. With his appointment, the excitement for the future of the hospital and school is palpable, and I look forward to working with him as we move ahead.”



The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine is one of only 30 veterinary schools in the U.S. and the only one in Louisiana. The LSU SVM is dedicated to improving the lives of people and animals through education, research and service. We teach. We heal. We discover. We protect.



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