NCBI Workshop brings LSU SVM faculty, staff and students together



BATON ROUGE, LA - The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine (LSU SVM) held a National Coalition Building Institute Workshop on July 25 and administrators, faculty, staff and students participated in the LSU SVM’s inaugural NCBI training event. LSU has adopted the NCBI culture in 2017 with over 25 trainers and hopes to spread the inclusivity workshops across the entire campus, making it available for all students, faculty and staff. Facilitators from the office of Multicultural Affairs, College of Chemistry and the Women’s Center led the SVM participants through numerous exercises and real life examples of the importance of inclusivity in our community and workplace. The Diversity committee is planning workshops for the fall and spring 2017-2018 for the SVM community so stay tuned!


ncbi group


Quotes from participants:


"An experience that celebrates inclusiveness and understanding.  Highly recommended!" SVM Dean, Dr. Joel Baines

“Powerful and moving stories about the importance of inclusivity.”

“I am more sensitive to others different from me now.”

“I learned the importance of self reflection.”

“We all have our struggle.”

“I achieved a better understanding of the importance of learning about others.”

“Sterotypes are the enemy to promoting inclusivity.”

“I am amazed at what I learned today.”

“So glad I came, well worth the time spent.”

“Facilitators were incredible and professional, compassionate and caring.”

“I felt welcome in this training.”

“This training program will be great for the entire school.”

“I was educated about people’s experiences that I did not imaging before this training.”

“This is a powerful program.”

“I became more educated about the issues of people not like me.”

“I hope everyone at the school can take advantage of this program.”


Participants (pictured):

Joe Taboada, Alex Baudena, Lorrie Gaschen, Michael Mathis, Mark Mitchel, Thomas Rooney, Kayla Baudoin, Stephanie Johnson, Ginger Guttner, Jenifer Godfrey, Mustajab Mirza, Frederic Gaschen, Joseph Kamper, Joel Baines, Sandra Donaldson, Abbi Granger, Fabio DelPiero, Thaya Stroufflet, Aubrey Traina, Carolyn Benedetto, Amber Wallace, Ernie Tanoos, Stephanie Willis



Wes Heath OMA, Andrea Grant (OMA) and Zakiya Wilson-Kennedy (College of Science.) and Summer Steib (Womens Center OoD)