VEMD Active Clinical Trials

The Veterinary Endocrine and Metabolic Disease Laboratory is currently enrolling patients into the following clinical trials:

Feline Diabetic Ketoacidosis Clinical Trial

The LSU VEMD Laboratory is recruiting cats with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) to participate in a clinical trial. The goal of the trial is to evaluate use of a rapid-acting insulin analog (insulin aspart or Novolog®) in the treatment of feline DKA. Information obtained from this trial will be used to develop new treatment protocols for DKA.

Study Details

Cats with DKA that have not received insulin within the previous 48 hours are eligible for enrollment. Cats that are enrolled in the trial will be treated in the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital 24 hour Intensive Care Unit under the supervision of Dr. Jon Fletcher. Treatment will be at a reduced cost, as the examination fee and most of the initial evaluation (CBC, biochemistry profile, urinalysis, urine culture, venous blood gas analysis, blood ketone concentration) are covered by the study.

Following initial fluid therapy, cats will receive a subcutaneous injection of Novolog®. Blood glucose and insulin concentrations will be measured at multiple time points during the four-hour study period. After the study period, the LSU Internal Medicine Service will manage all cats enrolled in the trial until discharge.

If you are interested in enrolling a cat in this study, or would like additional information, please contact Dr. Fletcher by email at or by calling our small animal referral line at (225) 578-9040. Cats can be enrolled 7 days a week, 24 hrs a day.

Important: Please do not administer any insulin prior to referral of potential participants.

Dr. Jon Fletcher


Completed Clinical Trials 

 The following clinical trials have been completed and are no longer enrolling patients:

Evaluation of the effect of feeding on the urinary cortisol to creatinine ratio in dogs