ExamSoft is a computer-based testing application that enables test creation, secure test administration through Examplify (formerly SofTest), exam scoring, and assessment at the item, student, and program levels. This software enables secure testing on student computers by blocking access to programs, files, and internet usage during the exam. 


Examplify (formerly SofTest)

Examplify is the new ExamSoft testing application (formerly SofTest) that allows for secure offline exam taking on your own laptop. Students are required to download the latest version of Examplify and ensure compatibility with their laptops. An Examplify installation and registration email will be sent to your vetmail.lsu.edu account. The email will contain your LoginID and Password.

  • Minimum System Requirements (PC or Mac)
  • Installing and Registering Examplify (information coming soon)
  • Institution ID = lsusvm


LSU SVM ExamSoft Homepage

Log in to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine ExamSoft homepage.


ExamSoft Support Contact Information

Stephanie Willis