Non-LSU Students: Guidelines for Preparation and Submission of Proposals and Selection

Non-LSU Proposals

At least two qualified students from other veterinary colleges are being sought to bring regional diversity to our program. The application process is as described for LSU students with the exception that additional assistance will be provided in identifying a mentor and potential project and research proposals will be written after selection which will be based on the criteria below.

Unique aspects of our program are the LSU Equine Health Studies Program, the Tulane National Primate Research Center, and the Pennington Biomedical Research Center, an internationally recognized center of nutritional research focusing on obesity. You are encouraged to contact Drs. Cardin at, Taboada at, Leise at, or Saini at  for more information.

Selection of Non-LSU Students

Students not at LSU are directed to supply their CVM GPA, class standing, a brief description of their interest in research and its potential relevance to their career goals, their potential areas of research interest and interest in specific mentors identified on our web site, if any.  Special assistance is given to students via e-mail and telephone to formulate the application, and in the selection of potential mentors.  Selection criteria used to guide the Advisory Committee include; 1. Student grade point average, ranking in their class, academic background, interest in research, and relevance to their career goals 2. Feasibility of the potential research projects, and value as a learning experience, 3. Level of support and guidance expected to be provided by their mentor.