Virology Research

PBS has substantial expertise and resources in virology including molecular virology, immunopathogenesis and vaccinology of human and animal viruses. Topics of research interest include the molecular genetics and cell biology of human and animal herpesviruses, the structure and function of herpes and coronavirus-specified glycoproteins involved in membrane fusion and virion morphogenesis, viral vectorology for gene and cancer therapy. virally-vectored vaccines for West Nile virus, and simian retroviruses, neuro-immunopathogenesis of mouse and simian retroviruses, immunopathogenesis of respiratory syncytial virus and human metapneumovirus, viral epidemiology, and immunological aspects of synergistic relationships between human immunodeficiency virus and other opportunistic pathogens. This group of ten faculty members are funded by NIH, USDA, and other state and private sources. Virology faculty participate in the LSU-Tulane NIH Center for Experimental Infectious Disease Research, which is administered by the Division of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine of the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine and has collaborating faculty and core facilities at the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, Louisiana. Supporting facilities for virology research include flow cytometry facility, the histology laboratory, the microscope center, the laboratory animal medicine, BSL-3 suites, a centralized cell and tissue culture laboratory and the Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine Center that includes the laboratories for gene expression system, whole animal in vivo imaging, the viral vector, and the antibody production and purification facilities.


V. Chouljenko, PhD. Research Assistant Professor. Molecular genetics of human and animal coronaviruses; structure and function of viral glycoproteins in virus-induced membrane fusion.

S. Chowdhury, DVM, PhD. Professor. Molecular pathogenesis and vaccine development focused on the immunogenicity studies of bovine herpesvirus type 1 and equine herpes virus type 1.

M. A. Guerrero-Plata, PhD. Associate Professor. Anti-viral immunity to human respiratory viruses focusing on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate viral pathogenesis and subversion of the immune response.

K. G. Kousoulas, Professor and Center for Experimental Infectious Disease Research (CEIDR) Director. Genetics and functions of herpes simplex virus glycoproteins. Viral vectored vaccines for vaccine and cancer therapy.

Adjunct Faculty

S. Cormier, Adjunct Associate Professor. Immunological aspects of lung injury by environmental and viral causes.

P. Marx, Adjunct Professor. Vaccines against SIV, West Nile virus and herpes B; phylogenetics of simian retroviruses.

R. Veazey, DVM, PhD. Immunopathology of viral and bacterial infections.