Histology Laboratory


Fees for LSU on-campus services can be billed directly to an appropriate account number. Federal Government Laboratories must provide a blanket purchase order and call numbers or charge card numbers before work begins in order to facilitate billing and payment of fees for services requested. Off-campus contract work can be billed via purchase order number or credit card number.


All mailing and/or shipping fees will be charged to the investigator. The investigator is asked to provide a return shipping label with the initial shipment of tissues.


Slide boxes and slide mailers not provided by the principle investigator will be supplied by the Histology Laboratory and charged to the account and billed.


Custom sectioning and staining for special projects will be priced according to the processing time, supplies required and technical assistance required. Fees will be calculated on an as needed basis.


A surcharge of $50.00 is added to each specimen for rush techniques.


Charges are subject to change without notice due to increases in the costs of supplies required.


To contact the Histology Laboratory call 225-578-9724.


Paraffin Techniques

Processing Fees

Process Details Fee
Diagnostic Biopsies 1-3 Specimens $49.50
Diagnostic Biopsies Each additional specimen $11.00
Diagnostic Biopsies Necropsy in a jar $71.50
Research Single tissue, labeling cassette $2.20/specimen
Research Necropsy in a jar $71.50/specimen
Research Special projects, technical time $66.00/hour
Bone Whole limb $71.50 + decalcification*
Bone Bone marrow $49.50 + decalcification*
Bone Bone biopsy $49.50 + decalcification*

*The price of decalcification is dependent on the type of bone. Specific changes cannot be made until the procedure has ended.


Large Tissues and Eyes

Special Stains
$11.00+ cost of stain/slide


Specimen < 1cm
$11.00 + grossing fee
Specimen > 1cm – 10cm
$16.50 + grossing fee
Specimen > 10cm
$22.00+ grossing fee


Formalin, 10% neutral buffered solution
Davidson’s solution*
Formic acid, 15%
*Disposal of solution is the responsibility of the end user.

Pathologist Slide Interpretations:

With Written Report
Without Written Report
With Photography
With Gross Photography

Paraffin Sections:

Process and Embed Only
Process, Embed, Cut, H&E Stain, Coverslip, Label
Duplicate H&E Slide, Cut as Requested
Duplicate H&E Slide, Cut with Original
Step Sections, H&E
Step Sections, Unstained
Serial Sections, H&E
Serial Sections, Unstained
Paraffin Sections for IHC
       H&E Stain                                                                                          $3.85/slide

       Re-embed paraffin block                                                                 $5.50/slide


Frozen Sections:

Preparation, Embedding, Freezing, Sectioning, and H&E Stain
H&E Stain
Special Stain
Cost of Stain/Slide + Embedding and Cutting Costs is Required
Use of Cryostat
$66.00 Hour (1/2 hour min.)


Repair of Broken Slides


Tissue Cassettes
$0.11each;$27.50/Box; $137.50/case
Screened Cassettes
$0.65 each; $143.00/case
Tissue Freeze
Slide Box, Plastic, 25 Slides
$4.40 each
Slide Box, Plastic, 50 Slides
$6.60 each
Slide Box, Plastic, 100 Slides
$11.00 each


Box of accu-edge blades



Nanozoomer Whole Slide Scanning:

20X magnification $2.20/slide       40X magnification   $3.30/slide



Special Stains
Group 1:


Acid Fast Bacilli (Ziel Neelson)                                                                    $11.00/slide

Bile (Hall’s Bilirubin)

Congo Red

Copper (rubeanic Acid)


Iron (Gomori)

Melanin Bleach


Toludine Blue



Group 2:

Alcian  Blue, pH 2.5
Alcian Blue, pH 1.0
Alizarin Red S
Cresyl Violet Acetate
     Luxol Fast blue
Oil Red O

PAS with Diastase


Group 3:

Calcium (Von Kossa)
Gomori’s  Methenamine Silver (GMS)
Hematoxylin-Basic Fuchsin-Picric Acid
Putchler-Sweet Hemosiderin
Safranin O-Hematoxylin-Light Green
Schmorl’s Reduction Test
Verhoeff-Van Gieson






Group 4:

Dopa Oxidase (fresh tissue only for Frozen Section)

     Periodic Acid-Methanamine Silver (PAMS)
     Snook’s Reticulum