The Flow Cytometry Facility also provides an exceptional opportunity for undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and veterinary students to become knowledgeable with the operation and application of flow cytometric instrumentation.  These learning experiences can occur formally through a hands-on laboratory course on flow cytometry (PBS 7413) or informally through undergraduate and graduate research projects.  


Graduate Program

PBS 7413 is conducted as a module in the Cellular Immunology Laboratory course and is open to all graduate students enrolled in the university during the Spring semester in even years. Graduate students enrolled in various departments within the School of Veterinary Medicine, LSU College of Basic Sciences, LSU College of Agriculture, and students enrolled in the University of Southeastern Louisiana have participated in this course.  


The flow cytometry laboratory module is a five week course designed to instruct students in the principles and various applications of flow cytometry.  In addition, participants will be introduced to several computer software packages as methods of interpreting data generated from the instrument.  The module is basically structured into four laboratory sessions, each individual session includes cell processing, cell staining with fluorescent probes, data acquisition and computer generated data analysis.


Veterinary Program 

In addition, the facility has been utilized in the laboratory section of the Veterinary Immunology course (VMED 5010) in the Veterinary Medicine curriculum to introduce first and second year students to the theory and clinical capabilities of flow cytometry instrumentation.