Sample Preparation

The Flow Cyotometry Facility is a Biosafety Level 1 laboratory and performs data acquisition and analysis.  Therefore, each investigator must prepare samples in their designated laboratories.  It is advisable that each investigator consult with the facility regarding their experimental protocol to ensure that the procedure is compatible with the instrumentation and use of appropriate controls are maintained for each model.  First time investigators should schedule a meeting with the facility to discuss their projects as well as operating procedures of the laboratory.


Biosafety Policy

All cell samples containing human or zoonotic pathogens present a biohazard to facility personnel and must be fixed prior to delivery to the facility.  Investigators must consult with the facility prior to sample preparation if live cell analysis is required for a particular study, regardless of human or veterinary species origin.



User Fees

Flow Analysis (FACScan, FACSCalibur & FACSAria)

Routine Hourly Rate  $60 per hour

(Minimum 0.5 hr charge)



Cell Sorting (FACSAria)

Routine Hourly Rate  $70 per hour

(Minimum 1 hr charge)



Computer Data Analysis

Initial Analysis  $25 per hour

Reanalysis   $40 per hour