The FACScan flow cytometer is a benchtop analytical flow cytometer which can measure two light scatter parameters (cell size and internal granularity) as well as 3 color fluorescence emissions. The light source is a 15 mW 488 nm air cooled argon-ion laser.  Fluorescence detection is accomplished with photomultiplier tubes and bandpass filters.  The 3 bandpass filters allow for collection of fluorescence at 530 nm, 585 nm and > 650 nm.  Flourochromes that are compatible with the optical configuration of the machine include FITC (530 nm);  Phycoerythrin and Propidium Iodide (585 nm); and PerCP, Tricolor, and 7-ADD  which both exhibit emissions above 650 nm. The FACScan is interfaced with a Macintosh G3 workstation which contains graphics software packages used for data acquisition and analysis.  In addition, Pentium II's are used to analyze flow cytometric data from remote computer labs within the university network.  All computers in the facility are networked to Veterinary Medicine and LSU mainframes and data is readily transferred within the university.


FACS Calibur flow cytometer is a benchtop analytical flow cytometer capable of measuring two light scatter parameters and 4 color fluorescence emissions. It utilizes a 15 mW 488 nm argon-ion laser capable of emitting fluorescence at 530 nm, 585 nm and > 650 nm as well as a 635 nm red diode laser emitting at 660 nm. In addition, the Calibur has a sorting option capable of performing single population sorts. All data acquisition and analysis is performed on a Macintosh G5 workstation running Cellquest Pro software.


FACS Aria flow cytometer measures up to 9 parameters including two light scatter parameters and seven fluorescence emissions.  The instrument is equipped with 2 lasers, a 488 nm Coherent Sapphire solid state and a 633 nm JDS Uniphase HeNe, allowing various combinations of fluorochromes for multi color immunophenotyping and cell functional assays.  In addition, the cytometer can perform high speed, dual-laser sorts and has 4 way cell sorting capacity.  The Aria is interfaced with a workstation that includes an HP X4000 PC computer running Becton Dickinson FACSDiVa based software for data acquisition and analysis.


The FACS440 flow cytometer / cell sorter was purchased in 1986 and provided both cell sorting and analytical capabilities until the FACScan purchase in 1992.  The instrument was retired in 1999 and provided a tremendous service in terms of cell sorting until that time.