Alert: Foaling Season is upon us

Alert: Foaling season is upon us


We are in the middle of foaling season, and the LADDL wants to remind you that we are full service diagnostic laboratory. When abortions or weak foals are born it is important to have a necropsy performed on the foal and placenta. There are many reasons for mares to abort late in pregnancy. Equine Herpes Virus 1 and Leptospira infections have caused abortions in the third trimester of pregnancy as well as weak foals that died within 2 days of birth. Some placentas have plaques and/or areas with “putty-like” consistency, while others have no lesions. The LADDL can help you make a diagnosis by performing serological testing on mare serum and PCR analysis on tissue specimens (kidney, liver, and placenta) for a variety of abortive diseases.  


In addition, we perform bacterial culture and sensitivity on blood and fecal samples to diagnose sepsis and bacterial causes of diarrhea. Foals that are born weak or are "dummies" should have a blood culture obtained to check for sepsis and an antibiotic sensitivity performed to determine proper antibiotic treatment. In addition, foal that develop diarrhea early in the neonatal period (Day 1-10); a fecal sample should be submitted for bacterial and viral testing. Infectious agents in the manure can spread to other foals and cause environmental contamination. The LADDL can assist you with your diagnostic needs during the busy foaling season.