Get your Coggins test results electronically. The service is FREE through VSPS!

Coggins test documentation has gone digital!


The LADDL has the ability to accept EIA serology (Coggins) test requests through the Veterinary Services Process Streamlining (VSPS) web-site. The VSPS is a USDA database originally created to digitalize certificates of veterinary inspection to facilitate the interstate movement of animals. The VSPS also has a Coggins test module, which permits the entry of data for Coggins forms (VS 10-11) in a digitally secure environment, and then allows the information to be accessed by the lab. Once test results are posted to a horse’s record, official Coggins documentation may be printed out immediately from the VSPS by the submitting veterinarian at any location with internet access. VSPS is a NO-COST alternative to other cost-added data-base subscription services for regulatory testing.


How It Works

Accredited veterinarians with USDA authorization (see link below) can access the VSPS database to enter horses’ data. More than one horse can be entered per owner. The VSPS even allows the pre-emptive entry and saving of entire horse-client listings for access either by individual veterinarian, or for all veterinarians in a given practice. Such listings are searchable; when a horse is due for its annual test, there is no need to re-enter the data. The type of data entered is the same as required on the VS 10-11 Coggins form. Although digital pictures can be added to the VSPS record, Louisiana still mandates a legally recognized form of horse identity (i.e., chip number, tattoo number, or description of brand). The testing laboratory is selected (select “Louisiana Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Lab”, the former name for the LADDL). The database assigns a serial number to the record, which appears at the top of the unofficial form print-out (resembling Form 10-11). An unofficial copy containing all required information MUST accompany the blood tubes to the LADDL. The lab searches the VSPS for any lab records corresponding to the serial numbers. If information is complete, the lab proceeds with testing: The lab enters the test results, method and date of test, and then completes the record. Once completed, submitting veterinarians can immediately access results and create official copies for signature and distribution to clients.


Any federally accredited veterinarian can set up a USDA e-authorization account. The VSPS Users Guide provides step-by-step instructions.