Special Fees for FedEx Shipment for Clients

07/17/2014 04:13 PM

fedex logoSpecial FedEX service discounts are offered to clients of the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory when shipping specimens to the laboratory. Clients using these services will see substantial savings over the normal FedEx service rates. FedEx labels are easily accessible by using the LADDL online client portal. The LADDL client portal address is https://laddl-lims.lsu.edu.


In Louisiana

FedEx Standard Overnight (up to 5 lbs.)  = No charge / Free


Fed Ex Priority Overnight (up to 5 lbs.)     = $ 13.00    


Outside Louisiana

FedEx Standard Overnight (up to 5 lbs.)  = $ 10.00


Fed Ex Priority Overnight (up to 5 lbs.)     = $ 17.00


Please note: Saturday delivery will incur additional charges that will be billed to the cient sending the package.


Packages weighing over 5 lbs. will be charged the overnight rate plus $0.50/lbs.

  • Priority overnight arrives at laboratory by 8:00 a.m.
  • Priority overnight usually will not improve turnaround times compared with Standard Overnight.
  • Standard Overnight arrives at laboratory by 11:00 a.m.
  • Shipping charges will be billed to client through monthly invoice
  • Specimens in formalin or fresh tissues can be shipped using FedEx if triple-contained (for example, primary container in a zip-lock bag, which is in an impervious shipping envelope or container or in a second zip-lock bag). Acceptable formalin kits are available from LADDL.


Directions for Printing a FedEx Shipping Label

  1. Go to the LADDL Client Portal at http://laddl.lims.lsu.edu
  2. First you must Register as a client
  3. Under Actions click on the FedEx Print FedEx label.
  4. Select the laboratory laddl
  5. Fill out the Shipper information and shipment details
  6. Generate label.

Note you must be a LADDL client for access to Client Portal

  • Labels can only be used by LADDL clients to ship specimens for testing.
  • Please call our office 225-578-9777 if you have questions.