About Us

Services Information

  • LADDL is located on the LSU campus next door to the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine with direct access to the SVM’s faculty and staff and is able to collaborate with veterinarians at the SVM and the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
  • Seven anatomic pathologists with an average of 20 years of experience.
  • Service Highlights
    • Endocrinology testing and interpretation
    • PCR testing for Trypanosoma cruzi, IBR, BVD, BT, EHD
    • Free EEE and West Nile IgM serological test for horses
    • Free electronic EIA test submission and results via USDA
    • Rapid turnaround for Tritrichomonas foetus
    • Expert diagnostics for Backyard Poultry flocks
    • Near instant email delivery of results and a web-based portal for viewing results
    • Expedited, Free FedEx delivery in Louisiana and reduced rates for others
  • Coming soon: VetLabs will connect most practice software packages to LADDL software. Minimize errors and increase convenience!
  • Providing audited, proficiency tested, and accredited diagnostics. Quality you can rely on.

Contact Information

Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

Louisiana State University

River Road

Room 1043

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Administration 225-578-9777

Sample Receiving and Accessions 225-578-9778

After-hours (pager) 225-219-7957

Fax 225-578-9784



Hours of Operation

Shipping by Commercial Carrier

FedEx and UPS deliver M-F to the address listed above.

Samples may be dropped off to LADDL after hours and on weekends

Samples brought to the laboratory after hours should be delivered to the security guard at the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine. Make sure the LADDL Specimen Submission Form accompanies the sample. Laboratory personnel will process the sample on the next business day.