What are the certificate requirements?

Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical & Biomedical Sciences

A Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Medical & Biomedical Sciences can be obtained by earning a minimum of a 3.0 grade point average in 16 to 18 credit hours taken from a core curriculum plus electives selected in consultation with the program advisor. There is no research component. The core curriculum focuses on the physiological sciences but alternative focus areas may be considered depending on the student's goals.


Core Courses:

CBS 7203 Cell Biology and Histology (3)

CBS 7632 Veterinary Physiology I (3)

CBS 7633 Veterinary Physiology II (3)

CBS 7634 Veterinary Physiology III (2.5)


Elective Courses (partial listing):

CBS 7200 Basic and Applied Anatomy I (3.5)

CBS 7201 Basic and Applied Anatomy II (3)

CBS 7202 Basic and Applied Anatomy III (4)

CBS 7204 Histology and Developmental Anatomy (4)

CBS 7631 Neuroscience (3)

CBS 7104 Biomedical Cell and Molecular Biology (3)


For further information, please contact Dr. George Strain in the Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences at 225-578-9758, or email at strain@lsu.edu or visit our Comparative Biological Sciences homepage.