Construction Zone

Areas of the LSU SVM that are under repair or construction or will be in the near future:

Location Project Name Comments
Main Lobby Stephenson Pet Clinic

In anticipation of the Stephenson Pet Clinic construction, the VTH small animal lobby will close, and patients will begin using the SVM main lobby starting May 25. Faculty, staff, and students should use the east entrances closest to the auditorium and should use the VTH and freight elevators until we can shift the VTH lobby/patient intake back to the VTH.

Parking Lot Map

Parking and VTH Driveway Stephenson Pet Clinic

As part of the VTH lobby shift, the parallel parking in the east parking lot will be reserved for VTH emergency clients and the first two rows of the east parking lot will be reserved for VTH clients with appointments.

Lobby/Client In-take Map

DLAM DLAM Expansion

DLAM expansion is complete less installation of new equipment that has not yet arrived. The old DLAM area is receiving air condition upgrades in order to get better control of room temperatures. 

LADDL Labs Labs buildout

The buildout for LADDL labs begins June 1, 2020, and is expected to be completed in four months.

Junior Surgery Junior Surgery Water Proofing

Flooring has been removed. Waterproofing will be injected through the slab and them the floor will be resurfaced.  Project will last till August 1, 2020.

Relief Wells located around the exterior of the SVM Relief Wells Upgrade

This summer, after the river subsides to below flood stage, we will have the wells serviced in an effort to improve their efficiency.

Room 1205 (Year III Classroom), Auditorium, Cafeteria A/C Upgrade

The air conditioning will be refurbished this summer. Work will be complete by August 1, 2020.

Room 1307 Laundry Room

Room 1307 is being converted to a laundry room. Construction begins in mid-June 2020.

Roof Cell antenna installation

Verizon is installing cell antennas starting June 1, 2020. The project will take approximately 60 days.