Construction Zone

Areas of the LSU SVM that are under repair or construction:

Location Project Name Comments
Library Library remodel

The Library renovations continue on schedule. At this time, the demolition of the interior is now complete. Work will begin on plumbing and inside-the-wall work. The process of buying new furniture for the library has started. 


The new library will feature:

  • new testing room / study room to accommodate twenty students
  • two additional conference rooms
  • new lighting, HVAC, and interior finishes
  • individual study carrels
  • additional power outlets
  • 24 hour access


REMINDER: The Library staff are temporarily located on the second floor in Computer Services Room 2104.

1st- and 2nd-year classroom Classroom remodels

Demolition work continues in the classrooms. Demo work is scheduled primarily at night and on weekends to limit the distraction to students, faculty and staff.

REMINDER: As construction progresses, the temporary walls set up outside the classrooms may be moved or shifted as needed.

Modular Building Modular Building renovations The Modular Building behind the main SVM building is being renovated to create a new clinical skills lab; this work will continue during the spring semester.
2416 and 2418 Rooms repurposed Rooms 2416 and 2418 are in the process of being turned into walk-in coolers.
LADDL Roof repair Roof work and repair has begun on the north side of the LADDL building to address and fix leak issues.
Main lobby Lobby renovation

We are planning to remove the paneling and the glass box on the wall in the main lobby. We will paint that wall and move the lobby monitor down so it can be more visible. We are also planning to replace the front doors in the main lobby with a large, automatic sliding glass door. The lobby renovation is scheduled to take place March 25 to April 6, 2018; the lobby will be closed during the renovation.

Radiology (Rooms 1707 and 1711) Radiology upgrades

Rooms 1707 & 1711 in Radiology will be upgraded. One room will be completed before work on the next room will begin. Construction on Room 1707 begins the week of February 26 and work on 1711 begins the week of March 5.

Multipurpose Lab Lab renovation

The multi-purpose lab (Room 2105) renovation will begin on March 6.

LADDL Digester Digester installation

The Notice To Proceed will be received in late March and a new digester will be installed at the LADDL building.

Anatomy Lab Lab renovation

Work on the Anatomy Lab on the first floor is scheduled to begin in late March.

DLAM DLAM Expansion

An expansion of present DLAM facilities will take place towards the end of the the spring semester.

LADDL Labs Labs buildout

The buildout for LADDL labs is now in the planning stage.