Susan G. Komen 5K


The Susan G Komen 5K took place on March 4. The VOICE club had a team that competed in the race (VOICE is Veterinary Students as One In Culture and Ethnicity). The VOICE team was organized by President Amber Wallace, VP Aubrey Traina and 3rd year member Derecka Alexander. Sponsored by VOICE, 12 student runners participated in the community event to support those battling/ affected by breast cancer.  Dr. LorrieGaschen, associate dean for diversity and faculty affairs, was in attendance too! Although the runners were sponsored by VOICE, several students still chose to donate to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. At least one student from all four classes was in attendance.


voice members

Competing in the Susan G. Komen 5K on behalf of VOICE are (first row from left) Carolyn Benedetto (Class of 2018), Kortney Kuhl (Class of 2020), Mandy Walkenhorst (Class of 2017), Aubrey Traina (Class of 2020) and Derecka Alexander (Class of 2018), and (second row from left) Tre Gildersleeve (Class of 2020), Tiffany Mavromatis (Class of 2020), Dr. Lorrie Gaschen, Joseph Kamper (Class of 2019) and Brandon Day (Class of 2018).



Dr. Lorrie Gaschen and Tre Gildersleeve, who placed first in his division.



Derecka Alexander and Carolyn Benedetto.


voice group

From left, Derecka Alexander, Mary Paley (Dr. Gaschen's mother), Carolyn Benedetto, Dr. Lorrie Gaschen, Brandon Day and Mandy Walkenhorst.



Mandy Walkenhorst and Brandon Day.