I see the LSU SVM as a future leader in cultural competency, diversity and inclusivity both at the school, campus wide, in our community and at national levels. Institutions make a difference if they are truly committed and we will need to serve as role models for our students, our school and our community. We have a responsibility to the profession, the students and the state to not only provide an inclusive learning environment but to actively teach it in all aspects of our school. The SVM will only continue attract and retain the most talented individuals if we can provide a diverse, inclusive, and positive environment for people to work.
My first initiative, DiVersity Matters xLSU SVM will be to increase awareness of our own cultural competency through facilitated faculty, staff and student development programs that will be organized and led by the LSU SVM DiVersity Committee.  This initiative will be in line with that of the AAVMC’s DiVersity Matters. There will also be a focus on a creating a LSU SVM and campus-wide women’s leadership group. Our future is bright and I am happy to be a part of it.
Lorrie Gaschen, PhD, DVM, Dr.med.vet., DECVDI, Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Affairs, Blanche Donaldson Professor, Professor of Diagnostic Imaging


Dr. Lorrie Gaschen, Associate Dean for Diversity and Faculty Affairs

Currie Caruthers, Class of 2019

Dr. Annie Daniel, Associate Professor of Veterinary Medical Education

Jenifer Godfrey, Director of Admissions and Enrollment

Dr. L. Abbigail Granger, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dr. Antonietta Guerrero-Plata, Associate Professor, Pathobiological Sciences

Stephanie Johnson, LCSW, Counselor and Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dr. Jennifer Sones, Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Dr. Joseph Taboada, Associate Dean for Veterinary Education and Student Affairs

Aubrey Traina, Class of 2020

Amber Wallace, Class of 2019