Information for Veterinarians

Louisiana Veterinarians,

  • Email to volunteer, include VETERINARIAN VOLUNTEER in the subject line.  This will assist communication staff to more quickly sort through emails. All veterinarians must be licensed in Louisiana.
  • A LSART VMRC Membership Application Form must be filled out and submitted to volunteer, the form is attached. Submit the form via email when volunteering or in person at your place/time of assignment.
  • There are 4 locations being managed by LSART. Veterinarians are needed in all locations for NEXT WEEK with a few shifts still needed for this weekend.  See below for more specific information.
    • Lamar Dixon: Large animal and small animal needs.
    • Celtic: Small animal needs, cohabitation.  Most owners are present to care for their own animals. Veterinarian needed for Saturday 12:00pm-4:00pm.
    • Clinton Arena: Clinton EQUINE VET needed Saturday 8am-12pm.
    • River Center: LDAF tractor trailer with kennels.  Small animal veterinarian does rounds each day.  NO VET NEEDS FOR THIS WEEKEND. 

As always donations are needed. The donations need to be controlled so they are burdensome. There are specific needs, so the best thing to do is to contact Dr. Littlefield (225-933-3996) by text or email her at  She will put you in touch with the donations coordinator and instruct you where to drop the supplies off.  Remember that at least 12 clinics in the Baton Rouge Area, alone, have been totally or partially lost.  Reach out to these veterinarians with your support. Dr. Littlefield has that list also

Click link below to donate to LSART. There are separate small animal and large animal links.  

Click here to donate to LSU SVM 

Hay Hotline for hay donation and need: