Tropical Storm Cindy


As of June 20, 2017, LSU is not closing for Tropical Storm Cindy. Should LSU decide to close, the Veterinary Teaching Hospital will function at some level as determined by the hospital administration.


Faculty, Staff and Students

Should LSU close, Veterinary Hospital faculty, staff and students should check with their respective services as to responsibilities and expectations. If LSU remains open, the Veterinary Hospital will maintain its regular schedule.


Pet and Animal Owners

Should LSU close, the Veterinary Hospital will likely be available to take emergency cases once the storm passes and if the roads to and from the hospital are clear. If your pet or animal has an emergency, please call 225-578-9600 (pets and small exotics) or 225-578-9500 (horses and farm animals) to ensure that we are taking in emergencies. If LSU remains open, the hospital will maintain its regular schedule.