Histology Preparation Facility

The CBS histology preparation facility (VMED 2405) serves both the teaching and research components of the department (histology services for individuals outside CBS are available through the Histology Laboratory).

Operated by Sherry Ring under the supervision of Dr. George Strain, the facility provides the services of fixing, paraffin embedding, sectioning and staining of tissues for teaching slides for the histology courses in the professional curriculum, and for research programs in the department.

The facility also has a Leica CM3050 S cryostat for use by Ms. Ring for cutting frozen sections. The latter sections often are used for laser capture microdissection studies (e.g., see paper entitled “In vivo expression of RANKL in the rat dental follicle as determined by laser capture microdissection” by S. Yao, S. Ring, W.G. Henk and G.E. Wise: Arch. Oral Biol., 2004, 49: 451-456). 

Slides can be routinely stained with H&E, as well as with a few special stains, but the facility does not do immunostaining. Sectioning and staining for electron microscopy is done by personnel in the Microscopy Center, a cost center located on the third floor of the SVM.

Contact: Sherry Ring, 225-578-9735.