Applicant Reviews/Interview Signups

Want to Volunteer for Applicant Folder Reviews and/or Interviews?

The LSU SVM Admissions Committee would like to involve as many colleagues from both the SVM and private practices to help in the selection process for the LSU SVM Class of 2021 which will matriculate into the fall '17 semester; therefore, we hope you would consider volunteering to assist with the folder reviews and interviews for our current applicants. The selection of our new class is always a very important process and we greatly value our colleagues’ input. Your critiques and recommendations are vital in the Admissions Committee’s decision-making process as the committee carefully selects the future DVMs of the profession – and your future colleagues. Of course, you are more than welcome to come to the LSU SVM Student Affairs Office to review folders if you’d like on the review dates you choose; however, to make the applicant review process more accessible, we have created a new Online Applicant Folder Review System through which our faculty, alumni, and professional friends can participate in applicant folder reviews even if one is not able to physically come to the SVM to review applicant folders!

So what exactly is the applicant folder review and interview process like

Folders are reviewed holistically by a combination of LSU SVM faculty and outside veterinarians. All reviewers are trained annually.

What is the timeline for completing folder reviews?

Folder assignments will be made starting in early-November, and will continue to be made as we receive more volunteers signing up. Login details, etc will be emailed once you have folders assigned to you in the system. We are pushing for a final folder review completion date of December 1st, 2016. It is vital that we have the folder reviews completed by this deadline in order to move forward into the interview stage of the review process. We are hopeful that with more people who volunteer, fewer folders need to be reviewed by each reviewer, thus making this December 1st deadline much more feasible for everyone. As long as everyone completes an average of 25 application folder assigned, we should be able to complete our folder reviews by this deadline so the sooner you volunteer, the sooner we can get your folders assigned to you.

* We are still conducting GPA calculations for the applicants, so you will initially be assigned only 12 applicant folders, all Arkansas and Louisiana applicants. Once we have completed the GPAs and produce the rankings for the non-resident students, you will have another 10-15 non-resident folders assigned. We expect to have those non-resident folders assigned out by no later than November 15th.

Interested in reviewing applicant folders?

Please complete this short form below and you will be contacted by the LSU SVM Admissions Office with more details and a confirmation for the folder reviews and/or interviews.  Select "Yes" from the Folder Review drop-down menu. Further instructions will be emailed to you with instructions on how to log in to complete the folder reviews once they are assigned. You will be assigned 20-25 total folders to review. If you would like to review more after completing your assigned folder, please just email the LSU SVM Admissions Office at and we will happily add a few more applicant folders to your account. 

Interested in applicant interviews?

Select all interview options in which you would be interested/available. * The specific interview dates below will be announced in December at which time you will be asked to confirm your selected time slot(s) selected below. We will try to limit interviewers to only two sessions each.

Interview Times?

We typically ask interviewers to choose either a morning time slot (8:00am-12:00pm) or an afternoon time slot (1:00pm-5:00pm). If you are willing/able to interview for the entire day, please select both options.  You will receive a follow-up email as soon as we know the exact interview dates.  We are expecting to conduct the interviews in early- to mid-February.  The exact dates are dependent on when the folder reviews are completed.