A History of Ole War Skule Week at LSU

2016 Schedule of Ole War Skule Week Events

When LSU was first chartered in 1806, it originated as a “Seminary of Learning and Military.” From the early 1800s through the early 1900s, through openings and closings, fires and wars, LSU’s military traditions were able to remain intact. On April 30, 1926, LSU was moved to the location we know today, and the cadets moved into campus with the culture from the Ole War Skule intact.

The “Cadets of the Ole War Skule” assembled in 1955 to make sure that their history and traditions would be passed on to generations after them, but throughout the years support dwindled until 1995. Then-Chancellor Bud Davis made an effort to recreate the organization and ensure that those traditions carried on, once more. It was guaranteed as a tradition in 1998 and we still celebrate the Cadets of the Ole War Skule today.

Each year since 2013, Veteran & Military Student Services (VMSS), Student Government and ROTC are proud to present “Ole War Skule Week” – a week dedicated to honor and celebrate the rich military history and traditions of LSU. This week is a wonderful way to appreciate veterans from LSU and Louisiana, as well as a great chance to connect with current Veteran and ROTC students.

This year’s celebration is from November 7-November 11 and there are a full week of events, panels, and demonstrations that the LSU student body can participate in to support veterans on campus.

Robert Young is the first Director of Veteran and Military Student Affairs in LSU’s history. Young coordinated the events for Ole War Skule Week, and is honored that Student Government has created the opportunity to make this week possible.

Young believes that Ole War Skule Week is the LSU community’s way to show appreciation for veteran and military students, and to ensure their sacrifices are respected, honored and celebrated. This contributes greatly to an increase in veteran involvement in student life, and in their ability to connect with other college students.

He highlighted a few of the events. One that he feels very passionately about is the Purple Heart Parking Spot Dedication (11/7). “Even if the spots are only used for an hour for an entire year,” he said, “it’s important that the spots are there to honor Veterans’ sacrifices.” He then put into perspective that many people who could potentially be LSU students gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, and should be respected and remembered.

One important concept for this Ole War Skule Week is the Diversity Panel (11/10) highlighting the contributions of women and minorities in the military – highlighting how everyone could learn from the strong “unit mindset” of the military. Along with this theme, there will be a Meet & Greet – a chance to chat one-on-one with veteran students to get to know their experiences and see them in the light of their student experience (11/9).

To close out the week, on Veteran’s Day, there will be a National Roll Call Ceremony on the parade ground, accompanied with a moment of silence (11/11). This will be a memorial to honor fallen veterans and the veterans still among us. This will be a celebration to everyone connected to our university that has veteran status.

"I am thankful to Student Government and Zack for making this position and recognizing the importance of veterans,” said Young, “and their administration has been helpful and supportive for veteran initiatives.”

During Ole War Skule Week, don’t forget to vote in the presidential election on November 8! Use the hashtag #DontThankJustVote on social media.

For more information about Ole War Skule Week or about LSU Veterans & Military Student Services, please visit lsu.edu/veterans, email veterans@lsu.edu or call 225-578-4647. 

LSU Veteran & Military Student Services, a division of LSU Student Affairs, is dedicated to helping veterans, service members, dependents and survivors succeed in higher education and in seeking employment. For more information, please visit lsu.edu/veterans