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Academic Counselors

Erin Anthony, UCFY Counselor Erin Anthony
Academic Counselor
150-N Allen Hall
Erin Anthony is a licensed professional counselor. She joined LSU in 2007. As a counselor with University College’s Center for Freshman Year, she has worked with first year students in a number of capacities through various programs, activities, and daily advising sessions.  Anthony earned her Master of Science in Community Counseling.
Anne Becnel Anne Becnel
Academic Counselor
150-R Allen Hall
Kris Bromley Kris Bromley
Academic Counselor
150-M Allen Hall
Jami Foret Cox Jami Foret Cox
Academic Counselor
150-Q Allen Hall
Tim Fields, UCFY Counselor Tim Fields
Academic Counselor
150-S Allen Hall

For the past 25 years, Tim Fields has served as a licensed academic counselor. Fields oversees University College’s academic orientation presentations to potential freshman during on- and off-campus visits. Fields has served as President of the LSU Staff Senate. He is President-Elect of the Louisiana Counselors Association. He has contributed chapters in Freshman Year Experience Proceedings and national academic athletic advising publications on student-athlete reform. In 2007, Fields was awarded Outstanding Advisor of the Year by the National Academic Advising Association, LSU Advisor of the Year, and University College’s Counselor of the Year.
Ashley Granger
Ashley Granger
Academic Counselor &
SSP Coordinator
150-X Allen Hall
Jennifer Ramezan, UCFY Counselor Jennifer Ramezan
Academic Counselor
150-O Allen Hall
Jennifer Wale Ramezan earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Master of Arts in Education with a concentration in Community Counseling degree, both from LSU. She previously worked as an academic counselor with the LSU College of Humanities & Social Sciences. She currently works with all students interested in pursuing a Pre-Nursing degree from LSU. Ramezan’s passion for academic counseling extends beyond the office, as she assists students learning about all of LSU’s available resources, so that students are as successful as possible in their personal and academic paths. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with the state of Louisiana and is a member of the Louisiana Counseling Association (LCA), Louisiana College Counseling Association (LCCA) and the Louisiana Association for Spiritual, Religious and Ethical Values in Counseling (LASERVIC).
Gwen Snearl, UCFY Counselor
Gwen Snearl
Academic Counselor
150-T Allen Hall
Gwendolyn Snearl earned her Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Science at University of Louisiana at Lafayette (formerly known as University of Southwestern Louisiana). She has worked in University College in a variety of roles, as well as in Multicultural Affairs.
Bethanie Tinker Bethanie Tinker
Academic Counselor
150-L Allen Hall
Abby Blanchard Abby Blanchard
Graduate Assistant
150-D Allen Hall