George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award

General Description: 

This award is made in memory of George H. Deer, Ph.D., former Dean of University College (1959-1966) and a distinguished member of the faculty of the College of Education for over 25 years (1940-1966).  The purpose of the award is to recognize outstanding teaching at LSU.


The recipient will be presented with a cash award of $2,000 and an engraved plaque.


The nomination open to any LSU faculty member who teaches courses for which University College students are enrolled, both the Center for Freshman Year (UCFY) and the Center for Advising and Counseling (UCAC).  As a general rule, nominations should be restricted to persons having taught University College students in three of the past four regular semesters including the semester in which the award is made.

Criteria for Nomination and Selection: 

Any system that attempts to assess and reward outstanding achievement in teaching must be flexible and individualistic.  Moreover, the award should not be made solely on the basis of past performance without a look toward the future.  The potential for growth should be considered equally important to past performance in the selection process.  It is hoped that the recipient will move forward (perhaps to new tasks) with a great feeling of confidence and sense of purpose.       

To accomplish these objectives the following characteristics are important considerations in determining the recipient of the award:

  • A record of excellence in teaching.
  • A record, which is indicative of a genuine interest in students.
  • Outstanding relationships with teaching assistants, faculty, and staff.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the promotion of better instructional programs.

 Nomination and Selection Procedure: 

Nominations for the award may be initiated by any professional staff or faculty member within the University.  A resume should be attached with the nomination letter, and letters of recommendation should include a letter from the applicant’s department head.  The supporting data must include criteria by which the nominee’s competency and service to students are judged and also a statement from the nominee outlining his/her goals. 

George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award Documentation Requirements

  • Faculty Award Nomination Cover Sheet
  • A letter of nomination (not required if nominated by department head or dean)
  • A minimum of four but not more than six total letters of support from the nominee’s:
    • Dean (required)
    • Department head (required)
    • At least two letters from former students (required)
    • Colleagues (optional)
  • A one-page statement of the nominee’s philosophy of teaching
  • The nominee’s curriculum vitae    


Nominations must be submitted electronically to no later than Friday, February 11, 2022.