Beverly Brooks Thompson

Sarah Clayton

Sarah Clayton, a native of Memphis, Tennessee, graduated from LSU in 1967 BACH English. Clayton had prosperous careers with Eastern Airlines and Scott Foresman Publishing Co., as well as over 20 years with Merrill Lynch in Atlanta, Georgia.

Throughout the tenure of 46 years, she held many notable officer positions with the Greater Atlanta Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association. Clayton championed various fundraising campaigns and events with efforts culminating in endowing alumni scholarships for Greater Atlanta students attending LSU. To date, her efforts provided the LSU Atlanta Alumni Chapter with four endowed scholarships. Additionally, Clayton designed and implemented Sweet Send Off Receptions, whereby numerous other national alumni chapters have recreated her program. She served on the LSU Alumni Association’s Board of Directors from 1993-1996, and co-chaired the Forever LSU Campaign for the Greater Atlanta area from 2005-2010. Clayton is a recipient of the 1987 LSU Alumni Association’s Chapter Service Award.

Clayton arrived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in June 2014. She eagerly became a member of the Greater Baton Rouge Chapter of the LSU Alumni Association, and assists with the LSU Tiger Tour event. She serves as a volunteer with Women’s Hospital on the fundraising committee.