Graduate School Preparation

Students will participate in program activities and receive services that will prepare them to be the most competitive graduate school applicants they can be.

  • One on one advisement and counseling— Students will participate in regular one-on-one meetings with the McNair Program Assistant Director
  • Faculty mentorship— Students will partiteacher presenting in classcipate in regular one-on-one meetings with a faculty member
  • Workshops and seminars — Students will attend a curriculum of workshops and seminars designed to assist them in each step of the graduate school application process.  If a student is not in class, their participation is expected
  • Graduate school entrance exam preparation— Students will be provided resources for and are expected to prepare for the GRE or other relevant graduate admissions exam. Progress will be documented in the monthly graduate exam preparation report.

Other activities and resources that promote scholarly development

  • Cultural activities— Students will participate in activities that promote cultural awareness and human development
  • Travel to conferences—Funds will be made available to students to travel to conferences to present research
  • Peer support—Students will work closely with a cohort of McNair Scholars and will challenge and support each other
  • McNair scholar facilities—The McNair Scholars program office is open for use by participants
  • Media and technology— A limited number of laptop computers, IPADs, digital cameras, and digital cameras are available to check out on a first come-first served basis
  • Computer Lab— A computer lab is available for use during regular office hours. Students may use the printer without charge for class and research related purposes

A poster printer is also available to print research and class related documents.