Nine subcommittees have been formed to specifically address priorities outlined in the Roadmap to focus on different aspects of campus: Academics, Communications, Community Building, Faculty Recruiting and Retention, Physical Environment, Policies, Staff Recruiting and Retention, Student Health and Wellness, and Student Recruiting and Retention.


The academics subcommittee has created an institutional humanitarian standard—something akin to a "commitment to community" for faculty and staff.  This document, which will be sent to every prospective applicant for employment, represents internally and externally the expectation that every member of our professional community takes responsibility for making the campus maximally inclusive and welcoming. 


To ensure that public and internal messaging reflects inclusive excellence as a university priority, the communications subcommittee has created an advising team of subject matter experts and students from diverse backgrounds and identities to provide perspective on creating inclusive messaging as a university.

Community Building

In creating a mechanism through which continued reflection on diversity and inclusion can be fostered and shared with campus leadership, the Community Building committee is hosting a Spring Diversity and Inclusion Conference for LSU faculty and staff.

Faculty Recruiting & Retention

Currently, a small number of professionals are doing disproportionately larger amounts of student mentoring and advising.  Tenure and promotion standards have been revisited to account for the service overloads many faculty from underrepresented communities do.

Physical Environment

In order to assess and, as needed, accelerate current plans to remediate existing structures and campus environments for compliance with state and federal accessibility laws, the Physical Environment subcommittee has developed an LSU ADA Compliance Plan that sets the standards needed for hiring a team of consultants to produce a Comprehensive and Strategic ADA Transition Plan.


The Policy committee reviews and studies other building names on campus to determine if they are symbols or monuments to racism. This review of naming practices examines existing and future construction to ensure names reflect LSU values.

Staff Recruiting & Retention

The Staff Recruitment and Retention committee is dedicated to the advancement of Classified Staff through access to technology, computer usage, literacy training, and assistance with developing core skills.



Student Health & Wellness

In recognizing a need for health care providers’ demographics to reflect those of the LSU student body, the Student Health and Wellness committee has worked with the LSU Student Health Center to engage in targeted recruitment through organizations and listservs that result in a candidate pool that reflects the demographics of students we serve.

Student Recruiting & Retention

The Student Recruiting and Retention committee worked with Academic Affairs to identify barriers to recruiting and financial aid issues related to diversity and inclusion.