Jenna Kuttruff


147 Human Ecology

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College of Agriculture

Department of Textiles, Apparel Design and Merchandising


  • Historical and socio-cultural significance of textiles and apparel
  • Analysis, interpretation, and conservation of archaeological textile remains
  • Museum studies (textiles and costume)


Research Interests

  • Study of historic and prehistoric archaeological textile remains
  • Study of nineteenth and twentieth century dress

Current Research

  • Prehistoric textiles of Eastern North America
  • Hand woven Louisiana Acadian textiles
  • Native American dress, American slave dress, Nineteenth century mourning dress and burial dress

Courses Taught

  • Comparative studies in world dress
  • Introduction to research in textiles, apparel and fashion merchandising
  • History of dress and adornment
  • History of textiles
  • Textile conservation


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2012  M.H. Manhein, G.A. Listi, and J.T. Kuttruff.  Analysis of a Historic Child’s Burial from St. Joseph Cemetery (16LF46).  Louisiana Archaeology 33:20-48.

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1999  J.T. Kuttruff.  Three Louisiana Acadian Cotonnade Quilts.  Uncoverings 20:63-86.

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