Fashion Association at LSU

Group Photo from 2018 Fashion ShowModels from the 2018 Fashion Show


The Fashion Association at LSU is a student organization mainly composed of Textile Science, Apparel Design, and Merchandising students in the College of Agriculture at Louisiana State University. As an organization, we participate in many fashion-related events around the Baton Rouge and New Orleans area including Baton Rouge’s MODE Fashion Week, NOLA Fashion Week, 225 Magazine’s “Avenue Rouge”, and “Hemline for Hearts” American Heart Association Red Dress competition to provide our members with quality resume experience. the Fashion Association at LSU is dedicated to promoting fashion creativity and awareness among LSU students and the local community. 

Each year, the Fashion Association at LSU also hosts our own fashion show event to showcase original garments designed and handmade by our students. This event has always been an all-student produced show sponsored by many local businesses. Our fashion show has consistently garnered support from the community and averages an attendance of about 300 guests.

Our show consists of three main portions: Junior Class collections, Senior Class collections, and Catwalk Alligator Competition collections.  The following bullet points detail the specifics per each collection:

Junior and Senior Class collections: Students present garments constructed through their curriculum at LSU and pieces entered into outside competitions. Through their coursework within the semester, juniors create one garment and seniors create a three-piece cohesive collection inspired by the category of their choice.

Catwalk Alligator Competition collections: Sponsored by the Louisiana Alligator Advisory Council, the purpose of the competition is to raise awareness of consumers, designers, manufacturers, and retailers of affordable grade-three alligator skin and products. By incorporating them into original designs, the design students promote grade-three alligator skins that aid in the livelihood of our fellow Louisianans.  


In October 2019 FALSU assisted Theatre Baton Rouge as they put on the cult classic "Rocky Horror Show." 
FALSU behind the scenes

Fashion Association Leadership


  • Danielle Jones
  • Alyssa Johnson
    Vice President
  • Camryn Marshall
  • Kenneth Poleon
  • Breana Taylor
    PR and Social Media
  • Kennedy Logan
    Senior Fashion Show Chair
  • Riley Lawson
    Junior Fashion Show Chair
  • EnJanae' Taylor

Social Media