Traditions & Eligibility

Why should I wear the LSU Ring?

The LSU Ring is a milestone of the LSU student experience. It reminds us of our commitment to the LSU community, participation in campus traditions, and personal success through academic achievements. From stately oaks and broad magnolias to the thrill of Saturday night in Tiger Stadium, the LSU Ring has been and will continue to be a permanent connection for past, present, and future LSU students.

What are the eligibility requirements to wear the LSU Ring?

The LSU Ring is reserved for alumni, currently enrolled undergraduates who have completed 75 credit hours, and currently enrolled graduate students who have completed 18 credit hours.

What symbols are included on the LSU Ring?

Each ring represents the uniqueness of Louisiana State University and serves as a lasting symbol of LSU’s proud traditions and values. Oak leaves and magnolia blossoms are carved on both sides. One side features the degree received, gates of LSU, and Seal of the University over the last two words of the Alma Mater, “Forever LSU.” The other side shows the year of graduation, Memorial Tower, and eye of Mike the Tiger, the fearless mascot of LSU. LSU is encrusted on top of an amethyst stone. The words “Louisiana State University” and the founding date of 1860 encircle the stone.

Why should I attend the LSU Ring Ceremony?

Receiving the LSU Ring is a very important moment in the life of an LSU student. LSU celebrates this moment by hosting a ceremony where all rings are presented on stage by Miss LSU and Mike the Tiger. Ring recipients learn about the history and symbolism of the ring, take a photo with Mike the Tiger on stage, sing the Alma Mater, and pose with family and friends at LSU photo stations after the event.

Do the rings really go into Mike’s habitat?

The night before the LSU Ring Ceremony, LSU tradition is that each student has the unique and distinct privilege of having his or her LSU Ring watched over by Mike in his habitat. This singular and special tradition is called Overnight with Mike.

What direction does LSU face when wearing the ring?

Prior to commencement, students wear the ring with "LSU" facing them as a reminder of the goal within reach. Upon granting of degrees at commencement, graduates turn the ring so that "LSU" faces outward. This symbolizes a graduate's readiness to represent LSU in all his or her endeavors.

What is the Forever LSU Ring?

The Forever LSU Ring is an award presented to at least one LSU student and one LSU alumni each semester by the LSU Ring Tradition committee. Recipients must be nominated in the Spring for the next academic year.


When should I order my LSU Ring? The LSU Ring is considered a milestone for juniors. Students are encouraged to order their LSU Rings as soon as they become eligible.  

When does Balfour come to campus to display rings and take orders?

Balfour representatives visit Barnes & Noble at LSU once a semester to take ring orders. This event is known as LSU Ring Week, which usually occurs in August and January.

Do I have to order my ring during LSU Ring Week?

Students are not required to attend LSU Ring Week. LSU does encourage students to participate so that Balfour representatives can answer questions about the ring and help determine appropriate sizing for each student. It is the best time to order for students interested in participating in the LSU Ring Ceremony.

How can I order my LSU Ring?

The LSU Ring can be ordered during LSU Ring Week in Barnes & Noble at LSU (usually in August and January) or online at

Is there a deadline to order the LSU Ring for participation in the LSU Ring Ceremony?

Students are encouraged to order rings by the last day of LSU Ring Week (end of August for Fall; end of January for Spring) with Balfour in person or online. This timing ensures delivery for the seasonal LSU Ring Ceremony and participation in the associated tradition of Overnight with MIke.

What forms of payment are accepted for the LSU Ring?

Balfour accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express and offers payment options, such as payment-in-full and credit card installment plans. For more information, call 1-866-BALFOUR.

Is there an extension to the ring order deadline?

For timely delivery, graduating students can place orders as late as the last day of the LSU Grad Fair, which usually occurs every September (for December graduation) and February (for May graduation).

How long does it take to get a ring once you place the order?

Most students order at the beginning of each semester to participate in the LSU Ring Ceremony. Once the order deadline for the ceremony has passed, rings generally take 6-8 weeks to be produced. Each ring is custom made to order. Creating each ring takes a series of steps including moulding, casting, polishing, stone setting, engraving, and final inspection.

Watch the Video - How LSU Rings Are Made

LSU Ring Ceremony

Do I have to participate in the LSU Ring Ceremony?

The LSU Ring Ceremony is part of the LSU Ring tradition. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate.

When is the LSU Ring Ceremony?

The LSU Ring Ceremony occurs each semester in November and April. Specific dates are announced by mail and on the LSU Ring website at

What time is the LSU Ring Ceremony?

The LSU Ring Ceremony is usually held at 1 p.m. An additional ceremony may begin at 4 p.m., depending on the number of rings ordered each semester. If a second ceremony is added, ring recipients are divided alphabetically among the two ceremonies.

Do I need an invitation to participate in the ceremony?

Invitations to participate in the LSU Ring Ceremony and tradition of Overnight with Mike are sent to students who recently completed eligibility requirements to wear the LSU Ring.

However, any student meeting eligibility requirements may participate in the ceremony and tradition as long as his or her ring is ordered by the deadline and he or she registers by emailing us.

Is there a limit to the number of guests I can bring?

Seating is limited due to venue capacity. Ring recipients who order by the deadline will receive an email with instructions on how to register themselves and their guests for the ceremony. Ring recipients may request to bring additional guests after registration closes. Space for additional guests is reserved on a first-come-first-served basis and can only be granted if space is available.

Do my guests receive tickets to attend the ceremony?

Tickets are not required for the LSU Ring Ceremony, but reserved seating is available for guests with special needs. Please email us.

Can I participate in the ceremony if I order my ring from another company?

The goal of the LSU Ring Ceremony is to explain the symbolism of the official LSU Ring and how it represents LSU’s values and shared experiences of LSU students and alumni. Only students who order the LSU Ring from Balfour are invited to participate in the ceremony and tradition of the LSU Ring.

Is there a hotel that has a group rate for the LSU Ring Ceremony?

The Cook Hotel on the LSU campus has a limited block of rooms available at a special event rate for family and friends traveling to Baton Rouge for the LSU Ring Ceremony. To make reservations, contact the hotel at 225-383-2665 or toll free at 866-610-2665 (COOK).

How can I get photos of me and Mike the Tiger at the LSU Ring Ceremony?

Mike the Tiger presents the LSU Ring to each student at the LSU Ring Ceremony. These photos are available through Candid Campus Photography. To receive your individual photo, visit the link and complete the registration form. Proofs will be sent in an email from Candid Campus with more information about ordering photos.


Where can I get pricing information for the LSU Ring?

Ring prices vary depending on ring style and type of metal used. Pricing can be found online at  From there, click on the link titled “Order your LSU Ring” and select “His” or “Hers” to see the different ring styles available as well as metal options and prices.


Where is the LSU Ring shipped to once the order has been placed with Balfour?

All rings ordered by the deadline to participate in the LSU Ring Ceremony are shipped to LSU. Rings ordered after the deadline will be shipped to the address listed on the ring order form.


Where can I get my cap and gown for graduation?

To order your cap and gown, visit Barnes & Noble at LSU or call (225) 578-5137.  Also see the LSU Commencement site for more Graduate Resources.

Where can I get graduation announcements?

Personalized graduation announcements are available through Balfour. Graduating students can order individual products or packages by attending the LSU Grad Fair, which is held each semester in Barnes & Noble at LSU (usually in September and February). Again, more information is available at the LSU Commencement site under Graduate Resources.