Executive Branch Departments

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Department is responsible for improving students’ academic experiences with the University’s academic leaders and the enrichment of academic services.


The Athletics Department works to enhance the student-fan experience at LSU Athletic events and is responsible for any activity pertaining to the athletic policies of the University that affect students. This department is also responsible for planning the Student Government Bus Trip and handling student ticket appeals.

Campus Affairs & Sustainability

The Campus Affairs & Sustainability Department is responsible for implementing Student Government Initiatives aimed at enhancing student life and interests, the construction and development of physical aspects of campus, and sustainability efforts to be sought for the betterment of LSU. 


The Communication Department is responsible for the communications within Student Government's Executive Branch, externally to other Student Government branches and externally to the LSU system and Student Body as a whole. Additionally, the Communications Department is responsible for updating and overseeing the Student Government website and social media accounts and for the design and implementation of any Student Government based visual graphics.

Election Board

The Election Board administers the Fall and Spring Student Government elections to "ensure honest elections, which are fair to all involved."  The Board is led by the Commissioner of Elections and also includes six members who are appointed by the Student Body President.


The Finance Department is charged with handling Student Government finances by keeping financial records, providing financial reports to the Student Body President and the Student Senate and submitting all required fees and Student Government expenses to be posted online for the Student Body to see. The Director chairs the PSIF committee. The Assistant Director chairs the ORF Committee.

First Generation Programming

The First Generation Programming Department is designated to serving and providing SG resources to first generation students at LSU.

Greek Outreach

The Department of Greek Outreach is responsible for making a strong connection between LSU Student Government and LSU Greek Life.

Health and Wellness

The Department of Health and Wellness promotes a healthy body and a healthy mind. 

Organizational Outreach

The Organizational Outreach Department works to provide communication between Student Government and other LSU Student Organizations through organizational visits. The Director also leads the Organizational Support Staff, a team of Student Government members who work to answer any questions that Student Orgs may have that pertain to utilizing all of Student Government's resources.


The Philanthropy Department works to implement any official Student Government philanthropic events and also ensures that Student Government plays an active role in events put on by other LSU Student Organizations. Click here to apply for the LSU SG Philanthropy Committee.

SG Student Entertainment

SG Student Entertainment is the programming wing of LSU Student Government. They are responsible for hosting Battle of the Band in the fall and Groovin' in the spring.

Student Auxiliaries and Services

Student Auxiliaries and Services advocates for students with any campus auxiliary service including LSU Dining, LSU Student Union, LSU Bookstore, Tiger Card Office, LSU Vending, etc.

Student Diversity

The Student Diversity Department works to implement all diversity-based initiatives administered through Student Government. The group is tasked with managing the Multicultural Leadership Coalition. The department also helps to plan and advertise for diversity related events on campus.


The Transportation Department advocates for student parking, transportation, and safety issues on and off campus. This includes LSU’s Commuter, Residential and Greek parking lots, Tiger Trails bus system, bike racks, Campus Transit, campus signage, and any other safety-related issues.

Veteran & Military Student Affairs

Veteran & Military Student Affairs was established in Fall 2016 with the goal of reviving the LSU commitment to our rich military history. The Director curently serves as the President of the Student Veterans, and the Assistant Director serve as the LSU Corps Commander.

We're Committed

We’re Committed is the university initiative to end sexual violence and create and maintain a community of respect. LSU Student Government has dedicated an entire department to this cause, utilizing SG connections and resources to provide students with information and resources to promote awareness and end sexual violence on our campus and in the Baton Rouge community. This department focuses on the 3 main aspects of sexual violence—prevention, intervention, and post-vention services.